Graeme McGilliard - Media Strategist

Media Director

We do PR. So we know that it’s one thing us saying we’re brilliant – and quite another thing when someone independent and expert comes to the same opinion.

That’s why it’s a massive thing for us to have the industry ‘kitemark’ of quality that is the PRCA CMS.

Since 2020, Democracy has been expertly and independently verified to be operating at the highest level for our industry in terms of the quality of our people, our processes and our business.

It’s why brands big and small put their trust in us to tell their stories to the media and on social.

The moderators from the PRCA were quick to praise us, highlighting three areas in particular.

They said: “”On diversity and equality, the agency has a comprehensive policy in place focused on creating an inclusive place to work and this commitment is communicated on job adverts. In addition, the recruitment process includes a commitment to interview all candidates with a disability. There are additional actions in relation to diversity via monitoring make-up of the team. 

“In relation to leadership skills, the core competencies are in place at a senior level and in-year reviews demonstrate that they form part of a thorough and open performance management process.  

“The values of the organisation are embedded into their leadership job descriptions and performance management system with measured results. This process evidenced best practice with a straightforward, clear value and KPI led process.  

“On financial management, monthly accounts are in place and this agency are acutely aware of the need to monitor and forecast profit and loss, client retention and anticipated income. This is a key function especially given the challenging financial times agencies are operating in.”

This is great validation of what we do at Democracy and the environment we set out to build where people can develop, be creative and do their best work.

However, we know that the culture of a business isn’t just something you write down on a piece of paper, it’s the lived experience for the staff who come through the doors each day.

That’s why the values of Democracy are lived and celebrated in all that we do.

We encourage curiosity, we want everyone to be their authentic selves, to consistently bring the most innovative ideas forward for our clients and as a result to thrive as people and in their careers.

It’s why we recruit from a diverse range of backgrounds, age groups and skill sets to find a blend of colleagues that clicks.

It’s why we invest in Manchester Metropolitan University’s Degree Apprentice programme taking on two digital marketing apprentices annually who will be with us for four years each.

From household name brands to destinations, charities and start-ups, companies want to know the people they do business with, go about things the right way.

Word of mouth, recommendations and connections have been tremendous in building and growing our business.over the past 16 years. However, the PRCA accreditation goes above and beyond, as a shorthand, instant stamp of approval that this is a business to be trusted and respected.

It’s the proof that we are what we DO, not just what we say.