BMW drivers live up to their road-hog reputations as the most horn-happy drivers in Britain, while Nissan drivers are most likely to stay silent, reveals a poll out today.

In a study of 2000 motorists by, The UK’s favorite specialist car buyer, 53% of BMW drivers admit to using their horn EVERY time they make a journey, almost triple the national average of 18%.

The least vocal car owner was the Nissan driver, with 95% either never using their horns, or only in emergencies.

Other vocal car owners who can’t resist making their presence known on the road every time they get behind the wheel include Jaguar (45%), Fiat (43%) and Audi (39%) and SAAB (29%).

The research by was commissioned to encourage drivers to use their horn safely and responsibly on the road. Top reasons for sounding off include when a fellow road user pulls out in front of you (52%), when a vehicle is stationary on a green traffic light (51%) and to alert other drivers of a danger (29%).

Motorists admitted to using the horn if they spot a fellow road user talking on a mobile phone, when a cyclist is using incorrect road positioning and to alert other drivers when traveling on winding country lanes.

Many road users were unaware of the legal standpoint for using their horns. 10% confessed they simply didn’t know, 52% believe that the horn should be used to alert road users or a pedestrian to a dangerous situation, 51% believe that it can only be used in daylight, 6% to express anger, 6% to alert people to their arrival or to let someone know they’re waiting and 3% if they spot someone they know.

The Highway Code states that drivers can only use their horn while their vehicle is moving to warn other road users of their presence. The horn must never be sounded aggressively. It goes on to state that you must not use your horn, while stationary on the road and when driving in a built-up area between the hours of 11.30 pm and 7.00 am except when another road user poses a danger.
A spokesperson for comments: “BMW drivers may appear too horn happy, but it’s clear that many of us are unsure about when and why we can use our horn. The horn is just one of the tools that a driver can use to keep themselves, their passengers and pedestrians safe and we urge drivers to make sensible choices when they’re on the road.”

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