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Hearts and flowers all feel very last century as savvy brands stepped up the creativity to engage with their audiences for this Valentine’s Day.

On a calendar day when everyone feels they have a right to get involved and can have an authentic voice, being memorable is getting more difficult when it comes to standing out on busy social feeds on February 14.

So who got it right? Well, it wasn’t the usual suspects as challengers and downright leftfield new entrants tugged at our marketing heartstrings. Here are five of the best from 2024… do you agree or disagree?

Greggs Bake Tray: The high street bakery coupled up with Uber Eats to create the ultimate baked treat. Avoiding the stereotypes of flowers and chocolates and replacing them with tasty pastries, the “Bake Tray” was available for home delivery in five cities – London, Newcastle, Manchester, Glasgow, and Cardiff. The pack included a Steak Bake, Sausage Roll, Sausage, Bean & Cheese Melt, and Chicken Bake. 

Hendricks Gintimates collection: The popular gin brand released a limited edition collection of ‘Gintimates’ themed for a romantic occasion – a bottle corset, pinky garter, and cocktail garnish chain and pasty. It’s not the first time Hendrick’s has been playful like this, they previously launched a Gin Perfumery at Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport. 

Marks & Spencer: M&S enlisted celebrity couple Abbey Clancy and Peter Crouch for an influencer inspired look at dining in on February 14. In the reel, Peter and Abbey cook and enjoy their M&S meal at home, an inspired choice for their relatability and humour.

Arena Flowers ‘A prick free Valentine’s Day’: Many brands went down the route of using Valentine’s to focus on people’s ex-partners. This one was the funniest. Addressing the fact there are enough pricks in the world, the brand sold bouquets of ‘prick-free’ bouquets of thornless roses to those who have had to deal with the negative impacts of a love rat. 

TenderChoc: Tenderstem broccoli partnered with British chocolatier Chocoloco to release veg flavoured chocolates. The unique gift allowed people to show their partners and loved ones how ‘tender’ they feel via the vegetable-flavoured treat.