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We’ve been away but we’re back

I know we’ve been seemingly quiet over at Democracy Towers for a while. We’ve been getting our new website sorted, and fingers crossed within the next few weeks it’ll all be done and live.

For those of you who know us, the past few months of silence have felt like some kind of gag – and new website launch or not, we simply couldn’t wait a moment longer to share what we’ve been upto.

Today, we’re out and about at TEDx, meeting old and new friends alike as we share our thoughts on all things digital and looking forwards to the next communications challenges and opportunities.

The speakers are:

Matthew Postgate, Head of Research and Development at BBC Future Media and Technology

Phil Griffin, Architectural Commentator
Sarah Hartley, Digital Editor at The Guardian
Dr Mariann Hardey, Social Scientist

Marc Goodchild, Head of Interactive and On Demand at BBC Childrens

Ben Light, Professor of Technology and Society at University of Salford

Hugh Garry, Senior Content Producer for BBC Radio 1 and 1xtra (a late change from the original line up)

Paul Coulton, Nokia

If you want regular updates on the event, keep an eye on Twitter for the hash code #TEDxMan.

Lots more news coming soon, in fact there’s so much good stuff going on right now I can’t wait to tell you about . . .


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