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Video across Social Media 

Social media is an ever-changing landscape, with algorithm shifts and platform updates happening frequently to ensure the best user experience. 

At the start of the year, Facebook announced several changes to its platform, with Instagram and Twitter also changing usability and best practice. 

As a result of these updates, the days of brands getting away with just posting still image content are gone. 

Below are several ways social feeds have and will continue to change:

  • Longer form content is taking over, whether that be an IGTV video or a Facebook Watch. The longer the content, the better chance your content has of hitting the top of the News Feed
  • Facebook and Instagram have both shifted their algorithms to ensure more transparency, ensuring content from friends and family is seen and making it harder for brands to get their content noticed
  • Adverts have become more interactive, this includes Shop with Instagram updates, Playable Ads for Facebook games, and Augmented Reality Ads, which allow customers the chance to interact more with the ad within the Facebook platform


As brands across the globe continue to innovate and strive to try new forms of video content, the possibilities are becoming endless. 


On average, Facebook video views garner around eight billion views each day. A video tweet is six times more likely to be retweeted than a still image, whilst vertical video on Instagram is on average 50% more engaging than square video. 


It is clearly time to focus on creating compelling video content for the platforms that matter to your brand. 


Whether looking to showcase a new product, convey information about your brand or drive a key sales message, video can be integrated into your digital marketing campaigns. 


Democracy’s team of digital experts are skilled at creating engaging video content that changes what audiences think, what they feel and ultimately what they do. 


We can tailor content for specific audiences and platforms to ensure we reach the right people at the right time with the right video.


If you need help with adding video into your content strategy then get in touch.

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