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The World of Influencers

So what has gone down in the influencer world this month? The Mother of all scandals that’s what. 

To quickly bring you up to speed, Clemmie Hooper, who goes by the name of Mother of Five Daughters on her highly popular Instagram page, admitted to using a false profile to attack other influencers – which even included throwing her own husband shade. (His Instagram – Father of Daughters –  boasts over one million followers). Clemmie’s actions are said to have brought to light the dark side of influencer marketing and since admitting her wrong doing, Clemmie has seen her following fall by over 14,400 people.

This scandal was shortly followed by the influencer marketing platform, Tribe, coming under fire for the ‘un-authenticity’ of posts produced as a result of the platform. Manchester City’s media buying agency are to blame for the recent ridicule of the site after they were caught asking Tribe users to show their fans ‘the great atmosphere at the Etihad’. To no surprise, Manchester City shortly called it a day on their relationship with the agency, however this was just the beginning of the scrutiny for marketing platform Tribe.

So, what does this mean for the future of influencer marketing? Well, we can be sure that influencer marketing won’t be going anywhere fast with businesses from across the world investing millions of pounds a year on it. Whether you are promoting bathrooms, kitchen appliances, paint, clothes, food, drinks or holidays there will be an influencer ready to lend a hand. 

However, with consumers becoming more aware of influencer marketing we will quickly begin to see a shift in influencer marketing and the attitude brands hold towards those they chose to promote their companies. 

Brands will distance themselves from ‘quick win’ style content where products are pushed out to thousands – instead they will forge relationships with influencers who have a genuine interest in their products or services to create authentic content that will resonate with the influencers – and in turn their following. Because after all, people trust people!

We’re likely to see a shift away from influencers who fill their feed with ‘#AD’ posts as these are quickly being seen as inauthentic – and will result in a reduction in engagement and following.

And what about micro-influencers? Could it be the time of the micro-influencer? Many are turning to smaller influencers with a following ranging anywhere between 1,000 – 100,000. Their content is seen as genuine, trustworthy and authentic. Not hyping products purley on the grounds that there was an exchange of money between themselves and a brand. 

You don’t need to take our word for it, in fact, influencers with 1,000 followers generated 85% higher engagement than those having 100,000 followers, and as the number of followers increases the engagement tends to decrease.

It makes sense really, a smaller following means a more hands on approach to posts. What does this mean for brands? Well, it means the posts promoting your product will receive a higher engagement rate from people genuinely interested in the product or service. Plus – with a smaller following comes a smaller price tag (for now) so it’s a clear win win!


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