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MOD tackled by the power of the internet

Until the Drudge Report broke the news yesterday afternoon, nobody knew that Prince Harry had been in Afghanistan for the past two months because of an agreed media blackout.

Or did they.

Author and former SAS soldier Andy McNab said he believed the Taliban would have been aware of Harry’s presence in Afghanistan even before the revelation. During an interview on Radio 4’s PM, he said he’d been offered amateur video footage of the Prince in Afghanistan as early as January.

Now, if the MOD knew, the media knew and the Taliban knew; then the only people left in the dark were us. The ordinary people.

The ethical argument over whether the Drudge Report should have broken the story or held the media blackout is something for their conscience.

But what it does demonstrate is that, however hard you try and keep something quiet, the actions of one of the “ordinary folk” when amplified by the power of the internet can change the media agenda and upset the official chain of command – all at the click of a mouse.

Welcome to the world of citizen media.


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