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The human touch

This week the Grocer tells me that “successful retailers need the human touch in tough times”. The thrust of the article is that Sainsbury’s and Morrisons have achieved a personal touch in their adverts and this has stood them in good stead.

Between Jamie Oliver and Feed the Family for a Fiver, Sainsburys has positioned itself as not just a good value retailer but one with a heart. Whereas, the report, carried out by Cognosis, warns that Tesco is sliding towards being cold/aloof.

Yesterday, I noticed an advert for activia which told the viewer nothing about the product, its health benefits or even how happy and attractive I’d be if I drank it – simply that it’s cheaper than you’d think at 25p a bottle.

The human touch means more than understanding the ‘credit crunch’ effect on customers wallets. As always, brands need to capture the hearts and minds of the public.


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