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Talk Social: 8 November, 2016

Fewer Facebook ads – at higher cost


Facebook has warned that it has reached peak advertising when it comes to users’ newsfeeds.

With brand posts and adverts at an all-time high, the social network recognises that to push any more messaging at users will lead to them deserting Facebook.

So instead, it will continue to drive advertisers and brands towards producing more videos and live streams, which keeps users on Facebook three times as long as when engaging with non-video content.

Video ads are also more expensive, too, which will help Facebook continue to grow revenues without actually increasing the number of its adverts.

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Shoppable photos on Instagram


Another Facebook owned platform, Instagram, is testing shopping tags on photos, to let users buy items as they scroll down their feeds.

After selecting a product posted by a brand, users will be taken to a page offering prices, description and the all-important ‘buy now’ button.

These pages will load ultra-quick as they are still inside Instagram, and after completing a purchase or abandoning their interest, the user simply returns to their social feed as normal.

Use is limited at the moment to 14 major American clothing brands, while the feature is tested, with rollout to happen at a later date.

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Twitter promises speedier customer service to brands


Twitter’s push to be the social customer service tool of choice for brands has been advanced with the introduction of two new features.

Brands can now welcome users with an automated message and also store multiple stock responses to frequent queries, allowing for the most rapid response to messages.

While this will work better for some brands than others for customer service, automation of the process is bound to appeal.

Reducing waiting times on social is all about improving the user experience as they interact with brands – the trick will be to craft messages that don’t give the impression that the user is interacting with an automated ‘bot’.

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Snapchat a place for storytellers?


Snapchat is wooing advertisers with different examples of how brands can jump on to its rapidly growing platform.

With claims that they now reach almost half (41 per cent) of 18 to 34 year olds in the US, knowing how to have a meaningful presence on Snapchat is key for many brands, big and small.

Lenses and geofilters are the most obvious ways that brands can directly engage with Snapchat users. However, there is more to Snapchat than this – attachments can now be added to adverts, such as articles, long-form video and app-install calls to action.

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Will new vid app live up to the Hype?


Remember Vine? It was only last month that the six-second video app was closed down. Now its founders have launched a new live streaming service called Hype.

As well as live video, users can add photos, GIFs and also user comments that they particularly like.

Animations and chat bubbles give it a more quirky feel than the polished video of Facebook live or Periscope.

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