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Talk Social: 8 March, 2022 – What makes a memorable TikTok advertising campaign?

TikTok shares its research into what makes a memorable ad campaign

What makes a memorable advertising campaign on TikTok? The platform has conducted 296 brand lift studies over one year to find out which branded content elements are driving the best response from its users.

Unlike other social platforms, TikTok is a sound-on platform. The research found that with campaigns with sound assets, such as a song with lyrics, the ad-recall increased two per cent. This went up to eight per cent when customised songs and voiceovers are used instead of a pre-established song.

The report looked into whether influencer-led or brand-led campaigns had a higher recall rate. Influencer-led campaigns performed marginally better, however, a campaign that combined both generated the maximum impact.

For brands considering how they can tap into the platform to increase their brand awareness, this report has many valuable content tips and is well worth taking the time to read.

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Twitter publishes its report into rising trends and discussions

A new report from Twitter has looked at billions of tweets over the past two years to identify the key emerging trends and conversation on the app.

The report identifies three main topics: ‘The Great Restoration’, ‘Fan-Built Worlds’, and  ‘Finance Goes Social’. The first of these relates to climate change and increased accountability for brands and governments. ‘Fan Built Worlds’ relates to the rise of NFT culture and the new opportunities for fan interaction and engagement. ‘Finance Goes Social’ is largely aligned with the rise of cryptocurrency with more users discussing financial opportunities and options.

These conversations are likely to continue to gain traction, making this report a valuable predictive document, and one worth noting for any brand looking to maximise its social strategy on the platform.

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YouTube wants to pay podcasters to film their shows

YouTube is gearing up for a big push into the world of podcasts. The platform is now reportedly offering large sums of cash to popular podcasts that are willing to make the jump to video.

Sources close to the situation have revealed YouTube is extending offers of $50,000 to individual shows and $200,000 and $300,000 to podcast networks. The money could help podcasters create filmed versions of their episodes or make other kinds of videos.

YouTube has been making small advances into the podcast sphere over the past year. In October last year, the company appointed Kai Chuk to the new title of director of podcasting and next-gen media partnerships. Around the same time, it also tested allowing Canadian users the ability to listen to audio without having the app open.

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