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Talk Social: 7 July – How brands can adapt to the facebook boycott and Indian government bans TikTok

How can brands can adapt to the Facebook boycott

The ‘Stop Hate for Profit’ campaign is continuing to gather momentum, with almost a third of advertisers now considering joining brands such as Ford, Coca-Cola and Starbucks in a month-long boycott of Facebook.

Facebook and Instagram have wide audiences, making them key to many brands’ digital marketing strategies. However,  there are several other digital channels out there for brands to invest their efforts in to reach customers through this period of boycott.

YouTube and Google are tried and tested ad platforms that provide brands with the opportunity to target customers at both the discovery and consideration stage of the purchase journey. Another avenue to explore includes TikTok. While its ad platform is in its infancy, the app has exploded in popularity during the lockdown and could be worth considering paid partnerships to test outcome and responses from users.

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Indian government bans TikTok

The Indian government on Monday banned 59 apps with links to China, including TikTok, citing concerns about privacy and national security of the country. The app is now unavailable for download in the country and users are being urged to delete the app immediately.

According to a report published by China’s state-run media The Global Times, ByteDance – the parent company of the TikTok and Helo apps – could lose up to $6 billion as a result.

A similar ban in the US or Europe is a serious threat to the company. While there is no sign of that happening yet, TikTok has taken several measures to improve transparency and show it is protecting privacy, especially when it comes to its younger audience. This includes the creation of a Transparency Centre in LA that will allow outside experts to view how it operates day-to-day, and look into concerns around moderations on the platform.

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Tech giants refuse data requests from Hong Kong police

Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter and Google have all said they are ‘pausing’ co-operation with requests for user information from the Hong Kong police.

Several countries have criticised Hong Kong for imposing a new national security law that gives the police to request user data, saying it threatens the territory’s long-standing autonomy.

Apple and Microsoft have previously complied with the majority of requests it received from Hong Kong’s government and have not yet announced a change in policy. However, this stance from the other tech giants is likely to put pressure on them to do so.

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UK tourism maps out reopening campaign

With non-essential travel grinding to a halt, the UK tourism industry has been among the hardest hit by the pandemic. As the government lifts restrictions, travel brands are hastily putting plans in place for the safe return of tourists.

One brand navigating through this period is VisitScotland. Last year was a record period for the Scottish tourism industry with 50.5 million overnight trips to the country. With lockdown, that visitor economy came to a standstill.

VisitScotland has in place a phased plan of activity for reopening – respond, reset, restart and then recover. Now it has the potential start date of July 15th, work has begun on the ‘restart’ phase, where it will promote day trips and short overnight stays, which will then ramp up over time.

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Christmas in July on Pinterest

Pinterest has published a new report which shows that Christmas-related searches are seeing an early increase as people look forward to what they hope will be a major post-COVID-19 celebration.

Seasonal related searches on Pinterest jumped 77 per cent YoY in April. That includes triple the number of searches for ‘Christmas gift ideas’, while other queries like ‘holiday recipes’ and ‘Christmas’ were up more than 90 per and 80 per cent respectively.

This interest could offer an opportunity for certain brands here. While it may feel strange pitching to consumers with Christmas-themed offerings so far out, as per Pinterest’s data, that’s where attention is right now with lots of people desperate for something to look forward to.  

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