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Talk Social: 6 August, 2019

Facebook wants to read your thoughts

Image credit: Facebook

Facebook has announced a major breakthrough in its plans to allow people to type just by thinking of the words they want to use. It sounds like the stuff of Sci-Fi, but it could soon be a reality.

Two years after the company first revealed it was looking into the possibility of the technology, Facebook has revealed it can now use data from brain activity as people speak, to instantly decode what they were saying and translate it into text on a computer screen.

Facebook hopes it will pave the way for a “fully non-invasive, wearable device” that can process 100 words per minute.

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Pinterest says it has 300 million monthly users

The week after Facebook, Twitter and Snapchat revealed the Q2 revenue reports, Pinterest has also given an update on its performance.

As with its competitor, Pinterest is performing well. The social media platform now has 300 million monthly active users, a 30% increase on last year.

Most interestingly to brands, Pinterest has included insight on Average Revenue Per User. The results from Q2 reveal and average figure of $0.88 – up from $0.69 last year. This shows how the platforms effort to boost its e-Commerce credentials has been effective.

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Facebook ads Instagram scheduling to Creator Studio

It was good news for social media marketers this week as Facebook has finally allowed brands to schedule content on Instagram via an official app.

Instagram scheduling has been a headache for social managers in the past, leading to several third party apps developing their own software. However, these were often subject to several restrictions.

This new option comes with increased capacity, allowing you the option to better see exactly what an Instagram post will look like before it is published.

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Facebook finally admits to owning Instagram & Whatsapp

If you’ve been living under a stone for the past few years, you might not have realised that Facebook owns Instagram and WhatsApp.

But it’s taken the behemoth until now (a mere seven years) to fess up to owning the platforms. It acquired Insta for $1 billion back in 2012. Then Mark Zuckerberg acquired an eye-watering $19 billion on WhatsApp a few years later to ensure eyeballs on his growth engine.

Finally, Facebook is adding its branding in the form of ‘Instagram from Facebook’ and ‘WhatsApp from Facebook’ on the platforms.

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YouTube video download resolution increases

There’s some great news for YouTube Premium subscribers, you can now download videos for offline playback at better resolutions than before.

The channel’s increased the playback limit from 720 pixels to 1080 pixels. The full HD option appeared when YouTube premium users tried to save videos on their phones.

Before you get too giddy with excitement, hang fire. The features being rolled out slowly across YouTube apps for iOS and Android. You should make sure you’re running the latest version of the app before attempting a download. Once it does work, you should notice a difference on phones with bigger screens and sharper resolutions.

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