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Talk Social: 5 May, 2015

Meerkat moves over to Facebook


The soaraway success of Periscope for live streaming video on twitter has led to rival service Meerkat trying to establish itself on Facebook instead.

Meerkat now lets users publish alerts direct to FB and also sign up with a Facebook login, rather than a twitter account. New users can also build a network on the platform instantly using their Facebook address book.

The move is a direct response to twitter cutting Meerkat off in favour of its own Periscope service. At launch in March, Meerkat caused a huge stir with its service, but has since been left behind by Periscope as the streaming service of choice.

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Instagram moves into music


The next step in Instagram’s development has been announced, with the formation of its first official ‘community’ – @music, which will be dedicated to music and musicians.

The community is open to global stars with Instagram accounts – ie, pretty much all of them – as well as up and coming musicians. It will feature songs, lyrics, instruments, concerts, fans and anything else related to music that the community wants to post.

This is seen as a testing ground for Instagram to expand its appeal into different forms of content and to become a hub, competing with Snapchat’s Discover section and Facebook’s many groups.

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G+ pins hopes on new Collections


Google+ is hoping to spark its many dormant profiles to life with the introduction of a new feature, called Collections.

Taking its inspiration from Pinterest, users can build content collections based on topics and interests.

After a user creates their first collection, their profile will display a new tab where others can find and follow their shared collections.

New figures have shown that while G+ has 2.2 billion profiles, but only 0.3% – around 6.6 million users – have posted in 2015.

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Check-in app Swarm has released a new version aimed at putting the fun into its location-based applications.

Now as well as finding friends nearby and being able to message contacts who are in the vicinity, users will be able to use stickers, become the ‘mayor’ of establishments due to repeat visits and vie for top spot on leaderboards.

To unlock the stickers, users have to check into a certain amount of places under the same category, such as conference centres, coffee shops or airports.

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New app provides on-demand answers from real people


How much store do you place in the advice of strangers? Putting a question on a forum or straight into Google is one way to answer a query, but a new app called Sensay hopes to offer more expert feedback.

Users sign up as experts in certain areas, such as sport, fitness, foodie or travel. When a question is entered into the system, Sensay decides who has the best answer and connects that user with a Sensay in a separate text thread, hiding the phone numbers of both parties.

Then the users rate each other, potentially receiving virtual coins for a great answer. Once this exchange is complete, Sensay closes down the conversation so that the users are no longer accessible to each other.

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