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Talk Social: 4 September, 2018

Rise of the CGI influencer


The next time you see an Instagram influencer promoting a product or hanging out with a celebrity, stop to ask yourself: Is that a real person?

The rise of the computer-generated Insta influencer is here, with mode Lil’ Miquela Sousa the poster girl for the CGI era. She’s got 1.2million followers, has done campaigns for Burberry and Chanel among others – and she’s the product of an LA software company.

What’s in it for the brands? Well, for starters this is one talent that isn’t going to issue lots of diva demands, ever be late or ever get caught up in any scandal. But do the public trust them?

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Millions more teens turn to Snapchat and away from Facebook


Snapchat is still predicted to be the social platform for teenagers in the near future, despite the strong rise of Instagram.

Research from eMarketer in the United States has revealed In 2018, 16.4 million 12- to 17-year-olds will use Snapchat, compared with 12.8 million for Instagram.

This demographic is moving away from Facebook in droves, with more than two million predicted to quit Facebook in the next three years.

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Snapchat gets its own Boomerang – called Bounce

Snapchat is used to being copied by Instagram and other social platforms, but now it is the one doing the imitating.

Snapchat has added its own version of Instagram’s Boomerang feature, which is it calling Bounce.

The difference in the two features is that in the new Bounce, users can move a slider to control where they want the loop to start from, rather than the entire clip playing as default.

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Colour coding for more twitter chats


Twitter is trying to make interactions and engagements easier to follow on the platform with a host of new features.

Replies to an original tweeter will now be colour coded to let you see yours and their engagements at a glance. While a green dot next to a profile picture will let you know the user is currently active.

The social network is also planning to ‘thread’ replies in the style that is already popular on Reddit.

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Amazon aims to prove its worth above Facebook and Google


Advertisers on Amazon (as opposed to people who sell on Amazon) can now sign up to the Amazon Attribution tool, to see whether ads on the site are converting better than on other platforms.

Metrics that advertisers can choose from include Page views, purchase rate and sales to see how ads are performing outside Amazon.

The move has been prompted by Amazon wanting to demonstrate value above Google and Facebook, where an estimated three quarters of all digital advertising now goes.

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