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Talk Social: 4 May, 2022 – Meta planning to launch four new VR headsets over the next two years

Meta planning to launch four new VR headsets over the next two years

In order to bring to life its grand metaverse plan, Meta is investing heavily in the hardware required to deliver it. Now the company has revealed plans to release four new headsets by 2024.

As well as new versions of Quest, Meta plans to release a Project Cambria that will be a high-end VR and mixed-reality headset and cost around twice as much as the current devices available. This will be the first of Meta’s headset to include eye-tracking and facial expression recognition features, which will provide even more capacity to engage in the future digital environment.

Before the metaverse becomes a reality, the intended application of these devices is mainly professional, with a specific focus on remote meetings through Meta’s Horizon Workrooms app. Although the appetite for virtual meetings is unproven, Meta sees this as part of its long-term strategy – laying the groundwork for its metaverse vision.

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Snapchat announces new ad partnership with Cameo

Snap has partnered with celebrity greeting app Cameo to introduce a new advertising opportunity for brands. The Snap x Cameo Advertising Program will enable Snapchat advertisers to pay Cameo members to create short video ads for their marketing campaigns.

This could be a very interesting addition for advertisers on the platform. Celebrity endorsements have a much higher chance of going viral, and partnering with the right face for a brand could potentially see an ad campaign explode overnight.

During the initial test phase, campaigns using celebrity endorsements drove an eight-point lift in ad awareness –double the established norm.

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Brands are jumping onboard new social app BeReal

Last week, we told you about the app BeReal that prompts users to upload one photo per day within a two minute window. Although BeReal doesn’t offer any direct advertising options, more brands are joining the platform and finding unique ways to promote themselves.

US-based fast-food chain Chipotle is one of the latest brands to attempt to tap into this growing community. In one recent post, the brand shared a limited-offer reusable promo code for diners to receive a free starter dish.

While Chipotle is clearly excited about the opportunities, others are expressing some scepticism. Gen Z can smell inauthenticity a mile away and a brand trying to invade a non-commercial space with ad content could easily backfire.

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Meta is shutting down its podcast platform after less than a year

Less than a year after it was launched, Meta will stop letting people add podcasts to the service starting this week and remove the platform altogether after June 3.

The move is part of a broader re-evaluation of Meta’s audio products. The company is also removing the site’s Soundbites and Audio hubs, and integrating its live-streaming Live Audio Rooms feature into its broader Facebook Live suite.

While the podcast market appeared to be an enticing opportunity last year, it appears Meta has come to the conclusion that it’s not for them and instead to focus all its efforts on building the metaverse and competing with TikTok with its short-form video platform Reels.

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TikTok announces new live events and activations for Mental Health Awareness Month

May is Mental Health Awareness Month and, to mark the occasion, TikTok has announced a range of live stream events and in-app activations to help users find relevant support and assistance, and further destigmatise mental health conversations.

A calendar of live events throughout the month includes discussions on how to set boundaries with your parents and musical performances from YUNGBLUD followed by a conversation on mental health with the artist.

Often coming under pressure to do more to protect young vulnerable users, this is a key area of focus for all the big social media apps. As such, initiatives like these are important, and it’s good to see TikTok working to highlight its various support services and tools.

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