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Talk Social: 4 August, 2020 – Microsoft in talks to buy part of TikTok and the future for the ’Stop Hate for Profit’ campaign

Microsoft in talks to buy TikTok’s US operations

Microsoft has announced it is participating in talks to acquire operations of video app TikTok across America, Canada, Australia and New Zealand.

The company said in the statement that it planned to complete these “discussions” with the app’s parent company, ByteDance, by September 15.

The announcement came after President Donald Trump suggested his administration could ban the Chinese-owned app because of security concerns. These issues were addressed in Microsoft’s announcement, saying “Microsoft would ensure that all private data of TikTok’s American users is transferred to and remains in the United States”

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Did the Facebook ad boycott work?

Despite the participation of more than 1,100 companies, including many household brands, it is predicted that last month’s ‘Stop Hate for Profit’. Facebook ad boycott will fail to have any significant financial impact on the company.

Likewise, while the campaign brought awareness to the issue of hate speech and the spread of disinformation on the platform, Facebook has only made modest concessions to the organisers. Out of the 10 “recommendations”  called for, the majority have not been met.

The civil rights group behind the movement have now said they are looking at new political actions involving stakeholders to continue pressure on the company.

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Twitter in turmoil after a month of crisis

A month of crisis at Twitter has reignited concerns that the platform is lacking the leadership required to take rapid action on controversial decisions in regards to malicious content and hackers.

Last month, Twitter suffered an unprecedented security breach as hackers seized control of the accounts of major public figures and corporations, including Joe Biden, Barack Obama, Elon Musk, Bill Gates and Jeff Bezos, to promote a bitcoin scam.

A proportion of the blame has been directed at chief executive Jack Dorsey, who also runs a  payment company, Square (a much greater source of his wealth). Arguments that Dorsey should leave if he is unable to devote himself fully to twitter have resurfaced, leading many to speculate his position will soon be untenable.

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Snapchat is adding a TikTok-style music feature

Snapchat will soon allow its users to add music to their videos, making it the latest social app to take on TikTok by offering the ability to embed popular songs.

The announcement follows President Trump’s threat to crack down on TikTok and Instagram plans to unveil its own TikTok competitor Reels. Snap said it would launch the feature to English-language users this autumn, with it rolling out first in New Zealand and Australia this week.

The feature could let Snapchat gain some of the energy and creativity users are currently bringing to TikTok. However, unlike TikTok there won’t be a feed of videos set to music, instead, the feature will allow users to share music with friends.

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Furniture search platform levels up

Ufurnish, formerly known as Kuldea, has launched an innovative search engine which aims to reinvent the way furniture and furnishings products are searched, discovered, compared and shopped online.

In the same way you can book hotels at the best rates through sites such as Trivago, the new service allows savvy homemakers to find the home furnishings at the best price. For example, if you are looking for a new copper coffee table or chevron rug, you simply input the search term and ufurnish will show you matching items from over 100 retailers.

Connecting retailers to consumers who are actively searching for furniture, the platform champions each retailer with the aim of reducing their overall marketing Cost Per Acquisition (CPA) and improving their conversion rate from website traffic.

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