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Talk Social: 31 March, 2020

Facebook releases new digital literacy resource for parents and kids stuck at home

With schools closed and parents occupied working from home, there is an increased risk of children stumbling into darker corners of the web.

To combat this, Facebook has this week launched a new education resource for parents and kids which provides ‘lessons and resources to help young people develop the competencies and skills they need to more safely navigate the internet’. 

The new initiative – called Get Digital – includes resources on staying safe online and protecting your personal information; navigating content and information; evaluating the trustworthiness of a news source; and managing your health and wellbeing through developing healthy habits for when to use technology.

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Instagram launches new co-watch feature to help bring together stuck in isolation

With everyone is social distancing, and missing out on face-to-face contact, Instagram is adding a new feature which aims to help users connect via video chat, while still scrolling through their Instagram feed.

The new feature will allow users to view Instagram posts together with your contacts over video chat. To access it, you tap on the video chat icon inbox section, then during the call tap the photo icon to view saved, liked and suggested photos/videos together.

The feature has been in development since at least last April, but it appears to have been pushed out last week due to the current lockdown.

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Radio booms while music streaming stalls

New figures suggest that people currently self-isolating at home due are spending more time listening to the radio rather than music apps.

Global, which owns Capital FM and talk station LBC, said online radio listening had risen by 15 per cent. Likewise, the BBC said streaming of its radio stations had risen 18 per cent since last week. Meanwhile, data from two US analytics companies suggested use of music-streaming apps such as Spotify had dipped by about eight per cent.

This suggests that now, more than ever, the nation is looking for trusted sources of news and entertainment. You can read more about this and what opportunities this offers brands in this new blog on the Democracy website here.

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New tool added to Facebook Live amid a surge in demand and usage

Last week, Facebook reported record-high levels of demand for its services amid the rolling lockdowns across the globe. Messaging activity is up 50 per cent across Messenger and WhatsApp, while the use of live video on Messenger is up 70 per cent. Likewise, Facebook Live has also risen by 50 per cent since January.

And now that people are looking to Facebook Live to connect to followers, the company is taking the opportunity to add some more tools to the option – both for regular users and for professional broadcasters.

Included in the new features are automated closed captions, the ability to listen to the audio of a live broadcast without streaming the video, and new options for charity fundraising through live video.

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Pinterest adds new ‘Today’ listing to highlight trending ideas

With more people turning to Pinterest for inspiration and discovery, the platform is launching a new feature called ‘Today’, which will showcase the latest trending ideas from across its network.

The new section is available to access from an icon at the top of the app’s home screen. Recommendations will include a handful of topics, initially curated by Pinterest and updated every day.

The initial content on the feature’s launch included information on the COVID-19 outbreak, sourced from the World Health Organisation and the Center for Disease Control.

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