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Talk Social: 31 July, 2018

Snapchat launches influencer platform


Snapchat has launched an influencer collaboration platform – Snapchat Storytellers.

A selection of the social network’s most popular content creators will be paired with brands keen to get their message across to Snapchat’s young user base.

The impact of the platform’s first collaborations with influencers including Shonduras, Cyrene Q and Mplato will be closely watched by both brands and other potential influencers – in particular how Snapchat’s notoriously hard to reach audience reacts to this new wave of brand messaging.

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Facebook reach now at 2.5billion people


Two and a half billion people used one of Facebook’s social apps during June.

This head count of people actively using Facebook, Instagram, Messenger or Whatsapp is the first true reflection of the size of Facebook’s global community. Previous stats have always stated the number of active accounts.

The new way of presenting the figures conveniently masks the fact that Facebook’s community is shrinking, while Instagram in particular continues to grow at pace.

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Costlier than ever to advertise on Facebook

The cost of advertising on Facebook in the past three months is 70 per cent more expensive than the same time last year, according to new figures.

However, at the same time the number of impressions on the platform has fallen by 17 per cent.

The snapshot of the market for brands on social by Merkle also showed that ad spend on Instagram is up 177 per cent year on year, with video the biggest driver – the amount of time spent watching video on the social network is up 80 per cent on this time last year.

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Brands now able to advertise on FB Stories


Facebook is opening its Stories format to advertisers for the first time.

Although Facebook Stories currently lags far behind Instagram Stories in terms of users and engagement, it has reached a milestone of 150million daily users.

Ads are now being tested in formats between five and 15 seconds long and Facebook is hoping to replicate the success of the Instagram format, where now one third of the most viewed Stories come from brands.

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More angry people on social than every before


The anger emoji is now the second most used on Facebook, behind the standard thumbs up ‘like’.

Analysts from the PEW Research Centre are attributing this to the election of Donald Trump as the spike in anger emoji use began in the run up to Trump becoming president and hasn’t slowed since.

Facebook weights use of a reaction emoji – good or bad – as evidence of higher engagement with a post beyond a standard like and inspiring this is in users could be one way for brands to work the Facebook algorithm.

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