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Talk Social: 29 October, 2019

Facebook launches dedicated News tab

Months after reportedly securing multi-million dollar agreements with publishers including ABC News, The Washington Post and Bloomberg, Facebook has launched its dedicated News tab in the US this week.

The new tab will allow users to view the latest news by topic, hide sections or publications, and get general news updates. 

By only showcasing content from it’s approved providers, Facebook intends to create a space free from fake news and clickbait. However, Facebook has already been accused of 

bias and amplifying certain outlets over others in order to skew public opinion.

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Facebook faces questioning over Libra

Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg faced fierce questioning last week from the House Financial Service Committee about the company’s planned cryptocurrency, Libra.

During bipartisan questioning, Zuckerberg said he would not let Facebook move forward with Libra unless he had full approval from all US financial regulators.

Given the tone of the questioning and lack of fresh answers since Facebook’s previous testimony in July, Libra now looks even less likely to launch in 2020.

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TikTok tops September’s download charts

TikTok was the most downloaded app on Android and Apple devices last month with close to 60 million installs.

The majority of the growth came from India. This accounted for 44 per cent of its total downloads, compared to 8 per cent in the United States.

Unlike other platforms, such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest, TikiTok has yet to release a full breakdown of its usage stats. So it is not possible to say how many of its downloads have resulted in daily active users.

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Facebook launches ‘Preventive Health’ Tool

Facebook has this week launched a new ‘Preventive Health’ tool. This an optional process within its main app which can prompt users to undergo regular health check-ups, based on their age and gender information.

Available just in the United States currently, the feature will suggest how often you should undertake a check-up relative to your age, show local Health Centres and offer reminders about the day of your appointment.

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UK influencers made to delete sponsored posts by the ASA

Three influencers have been forced to delete their Instagram posts following an investigation by the Advertising Standards Authority into their sponsorship of weight loss products.

TV stars Katie Price and Lauren Goodger promoted a BoomBod shot drink on their accounts, while Georgia Harrison showed off Protein Revolution’s weight loss gummies.

According to the ASA, the influencer posts were irresponsible and deliberately misleading.

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