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Talk Social: 26 Nov 2013


Google have patented plans for a social media robot. The software will analyse user’s behaviour on various social media platforms over time, learning to mimic the user.

By analysing the the way in which the user responds to messages, notifications, status changes, videos, images and links, the intelligent robot will make suggested replies which should be indistinguishable from users’ own language.

The robot software is designed to aid social media users who haven’t got enough time to keep up with and reply to posts and private messages…

Surely a robot defeats the whole objective of SOCIAL media?



Are you a conscientious social media user?

Staying on social media, the fact that potential clients and new employers are looking at your profile should ensure you’re careful about what you post. But what if you have had a few slips in the past? Well, Persona is a reputation management tool designed to police content on your various profiles.

Working across Facebook, twitter and Google+, Persona scans posts on your profile and flags up any potentially offensive material including references to; alcohol, drugs, violence, profanity and adult content. Once the offensive content has been identified, you are presented with the option to keep/delete the post or if you deem the language inoffensive and don’t ‘wish to see this example again’ you can add the word in question to your “white list.”



MappedIn – leading the way

You have reached your destination. Except you haven’t actually reached your destination have you? You’ve reached the massive building housing your destination and you haven’t got a clue where to head next.

Students at the University of Waterloo in Canada have created 3D mapping and navigation software designed specifically for indoor spaces.

In the style of Google maps, MappedIn provides step-by-step directions to the user’s desired location within complex venues such as shopping malls.

The software, which is customisable for any location, aids navigation using interactive kiosks and a smartphone app.

MappedIn is currently used in several locations in Canada with plans to expand to US markets next year. Hopefully their ingenious team will navigate their way over the pond soon!


Happier Social Media

How do you feel scrolling through your Facebook and Twitter accounts?

Recent research carried out by the University of Michigan found that the more Facebook users log onto the site the worse they feel about their lives and that comparing their own lives to the seemingly perfect lives of friends can have an adverse affect on mental health.

But now there’s a whole new social network, full of happier people.

Happier.com is a mixture of both Facebook and Twitter but unlike its rilvals the site aims to eradicate any negativity surrounding social media, focusing on making their community happier.  Users are asked to post and share only positive messages and encourage one another with ‘smiles. 🙂





Now you See It

Twitter have announced the launch of new platform SeeIt which allows users to watch TV via Twitter on their tablets and smart phones.

The platform has been developed by Comcast, America’s largest cable and home internet provider and is currently only available to certain subscribers. But like everything else, what works over there comes here pretty fast.

SeeIt allows users to link TV shows to their tweets which can then be watched by their followers via a “TV Everywhere” app, manually record the show or use on-demand programming facilities. The possibilities for this one are enormous and could transform the way we watch TV. Again.



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