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Talk Social: 24 November, 2015

Ad-blockers frozen out on Yahoo


Ad-blocking continues to be the hot topic among digital publishers and organisations, with Yahoo taking the step of locking users out of their email accounts if they have ad-blocking software installed.

The move follows similar freezing out of users running ad-blockers by City AM and The Washington Post.

Yahoo’s advertising revenues are being squeezed, with third quarter turnover down and the company recently struck a deal with Google to power some of its ad and search pages.

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Google+ still alive and kicking


Google has moved to dismiss rumours that it is killing off Google + by rolling out a revamp of its social network.

The new look network is designed to improve the experience for people who use it regularly. It focuses on two of the most popular aspects of G+ – by letting users group together around shared interests in the ‘communities’ option and grouping posts together around topics in the ‘collections’ area.

This gives the network the feel of Pinterest or Reddit and will also make it easier for targeted ads to be sold in future to these assembled groups of users.

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Instant messaging comes to Facebook At Work


Businesses who are trialling Facebook At Work can now add instant messaging to the list of things they use the network for.

The addition of a ‘Work Chat’ app will let colleagues message each other individually, in groups and share photos and videos. This is aimed at appealing to businesses currently using Yammer, Salesforce Chatter or Slack for internal chat.

An estimated 300 companies are already using Facebook At Work, ranging from start ups to large corporations operating from multiple locations.

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FB gives charities donations boost


Non-profit organisations wanting to reach new supporters can now utilise a fundraising option on Facebook.

A ‘donate’ button can now be added by all non-profit organisations on to posts as well as their own page, to drive spontaneous contributions.

It is also mooted that Facebook could offer a donate option to all pages in future, in a bid to rival Kickstarter.

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Remixing made easy on Vine


Vine is making it easier for users to make a tribute or remix of popular clips with a new option.

Vine’s clips are already among the most shared on the internet thanks to their six-second length and topicality. The number of clips using snippets from other Vines is massive, so now the network has added an option to ‘Make Audio Remix’ of an existing film.

Another development aimed at creators of original, shareable content is a search function allowing users to find clips which use the same audio or song.

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