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Talk Social: 23 March, 2021 – Facebook is working on a version of Instagram for kids

Facebook is working on a version of Instagram for kids

Facebook is exploring introducing a version of Instagram, exclusively for children under the age of 13 that would allow them to use its app ‘safely’ for the first time.

Currently, Instagram does not allow people under this age to create an account on the platform. The child-friendly version would be similar to Facebook’s Messenger Kids app, launched in 2017, in that it would have stricter privacy options and be managed by parents.

The news also coincides with a blog post from Instagram outlining their plans to make its current age-gate stronger and use machine learning to better detect people’s ages.

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Snapchat snaps up Fit Analytics in eCommerce push

Snapchat has shored up its eCommerce offerings with the acquisition of Fit Analytics.

Fit Analytics is a Berlin-based startup specialising in machine learning tools to make it easier for customers to find clothes that fit them when shopping online. With more than 100 employees the startup has already partnered with household names including Asics, Calvin Klien and Puma.

Fit Analytics role at Snapchat will be to strengthen and grow the app’s shopping function, in turn attracting more fashion brands to sell and advertise with the platform.

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Facebook introduces new ways for creators to make money from video

Facebook is looking to attract more creators from rivals such as TikTok by rolling out three new ways for content creators to monetise videos and earn revenue.

Previously creators could only earn money from videos three minutes or longer. Now, pages can monetise videos as short as one minute, with new mid-roll ads that would play after 45 seconds into the video.

Facebook will also be expanding eligibility to more creators. To be eligible for in-stream ads, creators now need 600,000 total minutes of view time on their page and at least five active video uploads.

Finally, the company also announced new ways for creators to earn directly from viewers. The new system called ‘Stars’ is a form of digital currency that users buy with real money and send to creators to reward them for their content.

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TikTok launches ad library to inspire brands in their marketing campaigns

TikTok has launched a new ad library tool, called ‘Top Ads’, which enables brands and marketers to search for the best performing ad campaigns on the platform in order to get inspiration from their approach.

The tool includes a range of search filters to navigate through the ad listings, including ‘Ad Type’, ‘Region’ and ‘Industry’. Users can then filter results by time or performance, eg. impressions or click-through-rate.

The platform is still in development with several categories not returning any results, but there are already some good examples to check out that could prove a valuable source of inspiration for new campaigns that work on the app.

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Facebook to develop a newsletter platform

With Twitter recently acquiring newsletter maker Revue, Facebook is also looking to jump on to the newsletter trend, with its own newsletter creation and distribution tools.

Facebook’s main advantage over Twitter is its massive user base. With over 2.8 billion active users, Facebook’s reach is unmatched and has the capacity to distribute content to the greatest number of people via its platforms.

Facebook also plans to include monetisation tools so creators could charge for subscriptions. Again this shows how Facebook is nervous about losing all the best creators to competitor platforms and is keen to show it can provide viable income streams for influencers.

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