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Talk Social: 23 June, 2015

Selling just got easier on twitter


E-commerce retailers will find it easier to sell on twitter with the launch of a new feature on the platform called Product and Place Collections.

This will let businesses place their products on twitter, via a button on the brand profile page that says ‘Browse Collection’.

Users clicking that button will be able to scroll through an image-led gallery of products and, where available, buy them straight away. Customer reviews will also be available, in the form of any tweets that have been posted about that product.

Product And Place Collections is launching as a free service, although social media commentators believe this will be temporary and charges will be levied once the service takes off.

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Trends now in real time


Google Trends has been updated to now include real-time data to searched for topics.

This means that for searches that are ranking highly, such as major sporting or celebrity events, trending stories on the subject will be shown alongside the results.

Google is also increasing the breadth of available data included in the service, meaning users can now perform more niche searches than before, with datasets being available for download.

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Facebook authors get follow button


Like an article you’ve read on Facebook? The social network has introduced a new function that will allow you to follow its author.

It will work via a simple follow button next to the author’s byline and will serve a dual purpose. First, it will allow bloggers, content creators and other professional writers the opportunity to build their audience. Second, it keeps more users on Facebook for longer, without needing to leave the platform.

This is also Facebook giving something back to content creators, who they want to publish more and more on Instant Articles, rather than linking out to their own websites or third party sites.

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Apple keeps tabs on viral content


When a piece of brand content goes viral, being shared rapidly across various platforms, how does the business concerned keep track of where it’s going and who is spreading it?

Apple wants to provide the answers, with the granting of a patent this week for a viral advertising management system. The system will track ads or other content as they are shared via email, text and social networks.

Users’ names, addresses and ages will also be stored in a database for retrieval by the brand concerned.

Quite what Apple plans to do with this patent is unclear and whether it ever becomes an available product is very much a case of wait and see.

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£6.80 – the price of engaging a mobile user for a minute


Savvy mobile users know that many apps and programmes stay free because of advertising – but have you ever stopped to think about the equivalent value of each ad and each user?

A survey of 4,000 people across four countries by Opinium Research asked smartphone users to put a price on engaging with one minute of advertising – and the average was £6.80.

The study also found that four out of five users understood that ads keep content free, with consumers twice as likely to remember a product or message  on a mobile than on a desktop (22 per cent against 10 per cent).

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