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Talk Social: 22 November, 2016

Snapchat goes geo


Companies seeking to make use of Snapchat’s geofilters will be interested in the news that Snapchat can now access Foursquare’s location data.

This detailed data of local businesses, bars, restaurants and more will now be overlaid on to the maps used to create a ‘fence’ for a geofilter.

This is good news for brands, who will now be able to target many more areas than before when considering geofilters, which are an inexpensive way to access the medium of Snapchat.

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Twitter acts to mute trolls


In a bid to tackle online abuse and trolling, twitter is now allowing users to mute certain words from appearing on their timelines.

This will block out any words, phrases, hashtags, @handles and even emojis that a user requests.

Instagram already has a similar filter, which can block abusive language and also emojis.

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What do shoppers search for in store?


With Christmas shopping now firmly in action, twitter has released new data showing how shoppers in store are using its platform.

Accessing user data in a bid to help brands better understand what shoppers are looking for before they decide to buy items, twitter has shone a light on modern shopping habits.

The data reveals that 70 per cent of shoppers who access twitter while in store are doing so to find if there are any discount deals or coupons available for what they’re looking at.

Nearly two thirds (60 per cent) use their phones to compare prices while in store, while 53 per cent look on social for customer reviews while in store.

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Merged inbox for FB page managers


Facebook is rolling out a new option allowing users to merge their notification inboxes for Facebook, Messenger and Instagram.

This is aimed at page managers who are having to handle multiple notifications daily across the three social platforms and struggling to keep up.

If that sounds like you, help is at hand. Notifications and messages are all together, with each platform being displayed in a different colour for ease of identification.

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Smile to like – the future of social?


Is tapping the ‘like’ button proving too much of an effort?

Facebook is now trialling face recognition software that will let users like a post by smiling at the screen.

This opens obvious concerns about the fact that Facebook will be controlling user’s cameras during use of the platform, with all of the privacy invasions that potentially opens up.

However, this appears a long way off and much more immediate will be the introduction of new Snapchat-style lenses to let Facebook users post altered images to their timelines.

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