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Talk Social: 22 May, 2018

Facebook to set up influencer marketplace


Facebook is working to launch an influencer marketplace scheme.

With more and more brands seeking to use influencers on social, Facebook is eyeing the opportunity to dominate another emerging trend.

The platform will allow brands to input the audience they wish to reach based on age, location, gender, education and interests and then be matched with available influencers.

With brands’ reach being so limited on newsfeeds, this presents a new opportunity for Facebook to keep organisations of all sizes on the platform while at the same time offering influencers a way to make money.

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Can Facebook make a success of Stories?


Facebook is also keen to give users more options when it comes to posting Story content.

With stories on track to replace newsfeed posting across all social platforms by the end of the year, it’s important for all social companies to be upping their game.

Facebook is introducing options for audio only posts as well as an option to archive story posts.

However, the biggest battle Facebook has is to increase posting of Stories on the platform, where it lags far behind Instagram and Snapchat.

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No ad Facebook may become availabe -for a fee


Reports in the US suggest that Facebook is looking ending its 100 per cent free model and introduce user subscriptions.

According to Bloomberg, gaining access to an ad-free Facebook is being talked about as being worth $7 per month.

However, the impact this would have on Facebook’s massive advertising empire (now worth $40billion annually) is a bigger question. Either way, it’s one that brands will be keeping close tabs on for developments.

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Local queries dominate for voice search


Fresh stats have been revealed about the rise of voice search on smartphones and smart speakers.

According to research by Go Gulf, men are three times more likely to use voice search than women, with one in five saying they prefer it because they don’t like typing, 38 per cent say it’s easier than going to a website or using an app and 43 per cent believing it’s quicker too.

Interestingly, voice searches are three times more likely to be concerning something local (nearest shop or restaurant, next train, weather forecast) than traditional web searches.

People are most likely to use voice search while driving (52 per cent), while doing another activity (21 per cent) or when working (seven per cent).

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YouTube to show how long users spend online


YouTube is to make users more conscious of how long they spend on the social video app by displaying a new ‘time watched’ feature.

This will show the time a user spent on the platform yesterday, their average time spent and the total over the past month.

This is being introduced by YouTube as part of a drive to increase digital wellbeing.

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