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Talk Social: 21 January, 2016

Has Instagram peaked?


Brands looking to grow on Instagram may well have their work cut out in 2016, if new figures are anything to go by.

Research into 2,500 Instagram accounts by Locowise has revealed that following months of ‘viral’ growth, things are slowing down dramatically.

Follower growth declined across 2015 from 1.95 per cent to just 0.23 per cent, while average post engagement also dropped from 2.8 per cent to 1.08 per cent.

It’s also tough to get an Instagram user to comment – in December 2015, 97 per cent of all engagements were likes.

However, it’s far from gloomy for Insta – these figures still place it high above Facebook and twitter in terms of growth and engagement.

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Tweet vote tweak


Companies on twitter who have been making use of the polling feature can now take advantage of some tweaks to the feature.

Snap polls and more lengthy questions being left open to the community are now both options, as twitter seeks to build on the popularity of polling, which has seen 1.7billion votes cast by users so far.

Polls can now be as short as five minutes or as long as seven days under the new rules, which increases their attractiveness to brands who may want to run promoted polls.

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Moving ad firm are wrap stars


On the lookout for alternative advertising sites guaranteed to get lots of eyeballs? Take note of a new US start-up, Wrapify, that will surely be coming here soon.

Their genius idea, which has already got 10,000 users signed on and brands queueing up to take part, is to wrap private cars in advertising.

The wraps can be full or partial and drivers are paid $450 a month for allowing their cars to become moving billboards.

The cars are tracked using an app to calculate their mileage, where they’ve been and when in order to provide reporting to advertisers. If drivers agree to park in pre-determined busy areas in peak time, they receive extra payment – the equivalent of an Uber surge payment.

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WhatsApp to unveil new business features


WhatsApp is to scrap its annual subscription fee and introduce a business-centric model as it tries to hang on to users who may desert them for Facebook Messenger.

As well as testing video calling, WhatsApp is developing features which would allow companies to communicate with their customers via the app at the request of the user.

Facebook’s Messenger already allows users to communicate direct with businesses and is soon to introduce a link with Uber, allowing users to order their cab direct from the app.

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You’ll never leave FB again


Facebook is working on a seriously improved in-app browser.

A major reason why people still abandon the social network to surf elsewhere online is due to the ease of searching using Google.

To counter this, Facebook will soon look like a ‘real’ browser. At the top of the screen, users will be able to input their own URL to check another page without leaving Facebook.

Meanwhile a new bar at the bottom tells you how popular a post is, includes back and forward buttons, a bookmark option and a menu button.

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