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Talk Social: 20th July, 2021 – Final curtain call for Twitter’s video feature, Fleets

Final curtain call for Twitter’s video feature, Fleets

They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, but in the world of social media, it often means seducing your followers away from your feed! And Twitter’s version of short-form video content – Fleets – inspired by Snapchat, is no exception. 

Introduced in March 2020, Fleets allowed Twitter users the opportunity to post full-screen tweets which expired after 24 hours. Similar to successful adopters, like Instagram Stories, the feature was designed to give content creators more opportunity to create engaging content and ultimately expand dwell time on the platform. 

However, the feature failed to set Twitter feeds alight, and the company has now announced that they will be pulling Fleets in August. Instead, the platform will use the horizontal carousel solely for Spaces – Twitter’s live audio chat room – in the hopes that they can dominate in the audio-social sphere.  

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It’s time for social platforms to do more to tackle racism

In the right hands, social media is an incredibly powerful tool with influence to inspire change. Following the unjust murder of George Floyd and the rise of the Black Lives Matter movement in 2020, we saw millions of people around the world unite with social media black-outs and companies like Adidas, Boeing and Verizon taking a stand against hate by pulling advertising from Facebook as part of the ‘Stop Hate from Profit’ campaign. 

However, in light of the racial abuse directed at Marcus Rashford, Bukayo Saka and Jadon Sancho after England’s defeat in the Euro 2020 final, the spotlight is back on social media giants. As a result,  the debate on the responsibility these platforms have in tackling racism has been reignited, with major brands signing an open letter demanding action on social media. 

The letter, signed by 110 brands including KFC, Mars, Direct Line & L’Oreal condemns ‘lack of adequate action’ taken by Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Snapchat following racial abuse aimed at members of the England Squad and have called on the platforms to do more. The letter also argues that offensive messages are not just a problem for the social media platforms, but also for the advertisers which fund them – strongly indicating that there could be long-term financial implications for these platforms if they fail to make significant improvements. 

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Is tweet editing finally coming to Twitter?

After years of rumours and denials from Twitter, tweet editing may finally be coming to the platform! Kayvon Beykpour reignited the discussion on his personal Twitter account, sharing a poll asking how users feel about the option to edit published tweets.

If the option became available to users, this would allow limited time edits to be made after posting a tweet. It would also be restricted to Twitter Blue subscribers – which is currently only available to users in Canada and Australia.

Twitter Blue already offers subscribers an ‘undo send’ option, allowing users to retract their sent tweets within 30 seconds of posting. Would limited edit tweets be enough to convince you to part with your money for greater editing control? 

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Diversity is important in adverts new research shows

New research by effectiveness experts System1, ITV and DECA has found that advertising, including underrepresented and diverse people, boosts engagement and effectiveness rates within the represented groups.

The ‘Feeling Seen’ report shown 30 diverse ads, including Malteasers ‘New Boyfriend’, Tesco’s ‘Love Stories’, and McCain’s ‘We Are Family’’, the results were positive amongst the general population showing an average rating of 2.8 regarding long-term brand growth compared to the average 2.1, within the UK.

When viewed by the underrepresented and diverse groups included in the ads, the average score was boosted to 3.5, which is deemed a “good” score.

System1 CMO Jon Evans spoke on the positive findings, “The results of this study clearly shows how important representation can be and how much better advertising feels when it reflects you.”

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Instagram story creation is about to get easier

It’s great news for social media managers and content creators as Instagram have announced that the platform is now making story drafts available to all users, making the entire process of content creation much easier for composers. 

The introduction of the draft feature has been designed to give people the ability to save drafts within the app mid-process – providing content creators with additional time to put together more comprehensive, crafted compositions and post at optimal times to boost engagement.  

While users have been able to save and share stories in different ways, such as downloading content to devices or via third-party apps, they can often hinder creative flow. With drafts, composers can review and refine their content to better satisfy the desires and interests of their audiences.

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