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Talk Social: 20 October, 2020 – Instagram crack down on rule-breaking influencers

Instagram crackdown on rule-breaking influencers

Instagram has promised to crack down on social media influencers and celebrities in the UK who post without telling followers they have been paid to do so, following an investigation by the Competition and Markets Authority.

The CMA said last week it had investigated the issue of ‘hidden advertising’ on the platform and was concerned Instagram was not doing enough to tackle the problem.

In response, Facebook has committed to a package of measures including prompting users to clearly disclose if a post has been paid for, and putting in place systems to spot posts for which this has not been done.

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Snapchat adds ‘Sounds’ to its app

Snapchat has launched a new TikTok-esque feature called Sounds that allows users to add song clips to their Snaps and Stories.

Sounds was launched with an exclusive preview of Justin Bieber’s new song Lonely. Before the song was officially released, users were able to create Snaps with the new song and share them with friends.

The willingness of major and independent music publishers to allow free use of their tracks is another sign of how far social has come and the potential music marketers see in platforms like Snapchat to increase music discoverability and market new tracks.

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Instagram expands shopping to IGTV

Instagram has announced the global expansion of its Instagram Shopping service across IGTV. Now, users can watch a video then click through to a checkout page, offering brands and influencers a more direct way to monetise their social following

Shopping has become a larger part of the Instagram experience, with features such the Instagram Shop and the in-app checkout being introduced over the last two years.

Instagram also hinted that they would soon begin testing a similar shopping feature to Reels. Given its intention to make shopping a core part of the app, it’s not surprising that Instagram intends to make Reels shoppable, too.

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Facebook to stop all US political ads after 3 November

Facebook has announced a significant change to its advertising and misinformation policies, saying it will stop running political ads in the United States after the upcoming presidential election.

In a blog post from Facebook, the company said the changes come in an effort to ‘protect the integrity’ of the upcoming election ‘by fighting foreign interference, misinformation and voter suppression’.

This is emblematic of a big change in direction from the social media service. Previously, Facebook’s ceo Mark Zuckerberg defended their policy to not check any ads but more recently the platform has begun rejecting and removing political ads. In total, 2.2m ads on Facebook and Instagram have been rejected and 120,000 posts withdrawn for attempting to ‘obstruct voting’ in the upcoming US presidential election.

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Instagram messages are coming to Messenger API

Facebook is making it easier for businesses to manage their customer communications at scale with the announcement that its Messenger API will soon be able to support Instagram messaging.

The new feature, which is currently in beta stages of testing, will enable brands to integrate Instagram messaging into their preferred third party community management application, helping to drive meaningful conversations, increase customer satisfaction and grow sales

According to Facebook, over the last year total daily conversations between consumers and businesses on Messenger and Instagram grew by more than 40 per cent.

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