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September 22, 2014

Users can turn off location on iOS8:


Many Apple users are still in the process of installing or thinking about installing iOS8, and one of its features that may influence your decision is a new security setting.

When using an app that wants your location, your only choice used to be to hit ‘yes or no’ each time. Now, you have the chance to decide which of your third-party apps should have access to your data.

This is to stop your iPhone always sending location data to apps that have asked for it once. Many apps – including Facebook – do this routinely. This also means that users can now restrict the way that companies are collecting their data. More here.

Samsung and PayPal join forces to take on Apple:


Samsung and PayPal have joined forces to bring the same payment technology as Apple’s smartwatch to a new wearable device.

Simple payment functions will be available on Samsung’s next smartwatch and protected by fingerprint identification. But while Apple Pay has done deals with Visa and Mastercard and major banks, Samsung’s partnership with PayPal means there are no limitations on who accepts the transaction.

The watch is expected to be available early next year to directly compete with the Apple Watch. More here.

Now trending: Facebook:








Facebook has announced that trending stories will now appear higher in your news feed. If lots of people are commenting on and sharing a post from one of your friends or a page that you follow, it will be placed in your feed where you can’t miss it. Facebook say that this move is to let you engage while the story is at its most relevant. The new algorithm will track the timing and rate of comments and once the story is no longer ‘hot’, it will drop down your feed. More here.

Yo – the doctor will see you now:

Screen Shot 2014-06-24 at 10.14.37

Remember Yo, the one word app that caused a brief ripple in the world a few months back? It’s now been refined with a specific business purpose in mind. Yo Lineup has been designed for use in doctors’ surgeries and restaurants and anywhere people make appointments or reservations. Again the mechanic is wickedly simple – the app lets you know how many people are in front of you in the queue and sends you a simple ‘Yo’ when it’s your turn. More here.

Instagram cooler than twitter #fact:


UK consumers have rated Instagram as a ‘cooler’ brand than twitter, according to new research. The Facebook-owned photo sharing app entered the top 20 CoolBrands list for the first time at No14, while twitter dropped out of the list all together. Apple retained top spot, while other tech brands to feature included Google at No6, YouTube at No7 and Netflix at No10. More here.


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