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Talk Social: 19 September, 2017

Time for a social snooze


Brands who post too much on Facebook chasing that all-important user engagement may soon find themselves the victim of a new ‘snooze’ button.

The button allows a user to temporarily unfollow an individual, page or group for a set period of time – either 24 hours, one week or 30 days.

The option is being tested among a selected group of users and appears in the top right of the screen.

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FB take catalogue inspiration for new ad format


Staying with Facebook, the social network is rolling out a new advertising product called Lifestyle Templates, which will look and feel like a marketing catalogue.

The interactive ads will allow multiple products to be featured, with information, prices and more .

Ads served in this way will also be more ‘shoppable’ with direct links to purchase pages available, too.

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Instagram extends Stories period to one week


Instagram is extending the period photos and videos can be included in Stories from 24 hours to one week.

The change will allow much more content to be posted on Stories, which is a hugely popular part of Instagram with more than 250million daily users.

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Twitter timeline focuses more on relevance


Twitter has once again tweaked its algorithm to present users with even more ‘relevant’ rather than timely posts in their timeline.

As well as timelines now being out of time, the Explore section of the social network features a listing of popular tweets based on personal activity.

These changes are designed to track the most recent activity of the user and serve relevant content, so brands seeking prime spots at the top of timelines are reminded that engagement is now more important than ever, to ensure maximum relevance in the twitter algorithm.

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Smarter AI that listens and learns


How do you feel about AI that could learn from your actions to the point where it makes suggestions as to how you might improve yourself?

Nigel is the name of a new AI programme developed by Kimera Systems and rather than learn specific tasks, this system listens and learns from the actions of the user of the device where it’s installed.

It raises the scary prospect of knowing so much about you based on your behaviour that if you were to ask it how to vote, it could provide an informed answer.

Nigel is still a work in progress, so far the most significant thing it has learned is to switch a smartphone to silent mode without being asked to when the owner entered a cinema.

However, this appears to be just the beginning of its learning. Watch this space.

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