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Talk Social: 19 May, 2015

Brits need 1hr 20 mins daily to be social


The average Brit spends one hour and 20 minutes every day managing an average of four personal social networks, according to a new survey of internet use.

The Global Web Index update revealed that Facebook remains the largest online community with 82 per cent of online users in the world having an account. However, YouTube is the most popular network in terms of daily visits and also the network considered the ‘coolest’ among teenagers. The much sought-after teen market voted YouTube ahead of Instagram and Facebook in the poll. Adults, however, voted for Facebook as their coolest network.

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Hands free shopping on Amazon…


Amazon’s Echo speaker can now process voice orders for products.

The Siri-style speaker and listening device is now able to perform the next level in e-comerce, taking a spoken command and translating it into an Amazon order.

At the moment, the tech is restricted to Amazon Prime members in the US and it only works for goods you’ve previously ordered.

However, if it proves popular with the public it is sure to be extended into simple spoken requests for anything from Amazon’s vast online inventory.

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Instant Articles an instant hit


By now, you’ll have read all about the media companies who have signed up to Facebook’s Instant Articles programme, publishing their content exclusively on the social platform.

The nine global publishers who have been hand-picked to launch the service – including The Guardian and BuzzFeed – are so happy with it that others are beating down Facebook’s doors to get involved.

For big publishers, the appeal is that they get to share the revenues from ads running on their stories, while smaller publishers are attracted to the possibility of better exposure for their content.

It’s another leap in the evolution of online news – and one that finally promises revenues that media organisations have been seeking for so long. Whether those revenues are large enough to sustain the exercise remains to be seen.

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Branded content evolves on Vine and Periscope


Twitter is taking a different approach to advertising on its Vine and Periscope platforms. Rather than allow promoted posts, they are hooking interested brands up with influencers on both platforms.

The idea – similar to one pursued by YouTube – is that the branded content produced is viewed and shared far and wide due to the influence of the creator. The content will also be promoted on twitter itself.

Twitter is getting the word out to brands via its social media talent agency, Niche, which represents more than 10,000 content creators who have sizeable followings.

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Gmail start to phase out passwords


Google’s Gmail has rolled out a new two-step log in process, that may herald the beginning of the end for traditional passwords.

Users now enter their username and are then directed to a second page to enter their password. The search giant says the change is to prepare for ‘future authentication systems that complement passwords’.

This could take the form of a variation of Android’s ‘Smart Lock’ system that allows users to keep their devices unlocked at certain times and even factors in facial recognition.

However, this first step towards the future of passwords has left Gmail users united in their negative reaction with most saying it’s simply slowed down the process of logging in.

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