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Talk Social: 19 June 2018

Reddit tests native video ads


Reddit is testing native video ads, to run automatically when users enter the social platform.

Since Reddit started native video content on its many sub-Reddit pages, the content has proved more popular than embedded YouTube videos.

Brands can choose to advertise on a cost-per-view basis or as a video-only standalone campaign.

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Instagram to let users post videos up to 15 minutes long


Staying with video as the social medium more brands are flocking to, Instagram is set to offer long-form videos for the first time.

The feature is being promoted as a place to post clips of five to 15 minutes in length – and is set to rival YouTube and Snapchat Discover.

There are no plans yet to allow advertising in this section of Instagram, although users will be able to swipe to be taken direct to the creator’s page or website.

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Will LinkedIn users be keen to give kudos?


LinkedIn is letting users give ‘kudos’ to one another, rather than a traditional form of congratulations, with the addition of a new graphic feature.

Aimed at celebrating professional success, kudos is a series of graphics that can apply to different work-based achievements, such as promotions, team players, bonuses, etc.

With the recent addition of stickers to LinkedIn posts and now the kudos graphics, LinkedIn’s drive for more user engagement and posting is showing no sign of slowing down.

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Half of social users speaking to brands on messaging apps


The public shift away from open social platforms and towards closed groups and private messaging apps is continuing, according to new data.

Two thirds of people surveyed by Facebook say that their messaging has increased over the past two years with half of those saying that their increased use of messaging apps has replaced traditional forms of social media.

Posting on messaging apps is still taking the same form as on public-facing social platforms, with photos, GIFs, videos and memes as popular as text.

Members of the public are also seeking out brands on their favoured messaging apps, with 61 per cent of UK users surveyed saying they had messaged a brand in the past three months.

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Facebook turns to music to boost engagement and sharing


Facebook has struck a deal with music publishers to allow more music tracks to be added to posts.

Facebook is also launching Lip Sync Live, a feature that allows users to sing along to popular tracks and share with their friends.

With engagement levels dropping on Facebook, the move into using music more is seen as a potential way to improve shareability.

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