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Talk Social: 19 January, 2021 – Brands prepare for the fallout from Apple’s iOS privacy update

Facebook advertisers brace for iOS14 tracking prompt fallout

Brands and marketers are bracing themselves for the rollout of Apple’s iOS update which includes a new prompt which makes users aware of what an app will track before they install it. It will also offer users the option to opt out of tracking – which could cause some issues for businesses who rely on this data for paid ad campaigns.

Facebook relies heavily on user usage information to do things like report on actions or purchases from ads; brand remarketing, and other similar functions. By reducing this information, it could disrupt many advertising strategies, especially for those operating within eCommerce.

In the coming weeks, the full impact will become apparent. In the meantime, brands will need to prepare and adapt to overcome the changes.

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WhatsApp rival Telegraph sees its number of new users rocket

WhatsApp rival Telegram has seen a 500 per cent increase in new users amid widespread dissatisfaction with the way the Facebook-owned app handles people’s data.

This amounted to 25 million new followers in less than 72 hours, taking the total number of Telegraph users above 500 million. However, this is only a quarter of the estimated 2 billion WhatsApp users around the world.

This exodus followed an update to the Terms of Service which forced users to accept a new privacy policy which allows WhatsApp to share their data with Facebook.

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YouTube begin testing product tags within videos

YouTube is working on a new feature which allows creators to tag products displayed in their video clips, and provide direct shopping options.

The new feature, which would open up new eCommerce opportunities in the app, is currently being piloted with a limited number of creators, with the new tags visible to users in the US on iOS, Android, and desktop.

This is a logical expansion of YouTube’s push into eCommerce with the platform already adding in product listings and tools like AR Try-On ads in the past year.

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YouTube launches new hashtag search results pages

Keen to progress the channel in 2021, YouTube is also launching a new type of search results page that appears when users look for videos by hashtag.

YouTube first introduced the ability to search by hashtag in 2018, but it served little function in search and discoverability. Now, when searching for a specific hashtag on YouTube on either the desktop or mobile app, users will see a dedicated page that only contains videos with that hashtag.

Perhaps the most exciting aspect of this update, at least for marketers and brands, is its potential for YouTube SEO. However, it is worth waiting to see how the update impacts behaviour and discoverability before brands can adapt their digital marketing strategies.

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Facebook shares new insights into emerging eCommerce trends

With the eCommerce landscape going through a period of unprecedented change, Facebook has commissioned a survey with Ipsos to glean some light on emerging trends and what consumers expect from brands in 2021.

The survey showed that convenience is king: 80 per cent of UK consumers are actively looking for ways to simplify their shopping experiences and 71 per cent of these people would be willing to pay more for services that did this.

The survey also revealed how social media has shifted people’s expectations from brands, with 50 per cent of respondents saying social media has allowed them to interact more and deepen their relationship with brands.

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