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Talk Social: 18th January 2022 – TikTok underlines the importance of audio and brands prepare for the metaverse

TikTok underlines the importance of audio in social content

Unlike platforms, such as Instagram and Facebook, which have traditionally encouraged brands to create “sound off” experiences for the platforms, TikTok has repeatedly noted the importance of sound to the user experience and as something brands need to consider in their content strategy.

TikTok notes that 9 out of 10 users view sound as being vital to the TikTok experience. For brands specifically, TikTok says that its research has shown that brand recall increases eightfold when distinctive brand sounds are leveraged in ads, compared to other elements like slogans and logos.

This emphasises how a brand’s approach to TikTok needs to be unique to the platform. Brands need to immerse themselves within in-app trends and behaviours in order to create content that appears native to the app and see how their messaging can fit within it.

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New feature lets users customise their Instagram grids

Instagram is reportedly working on a new feature that will let users edit the visual order of their posts after being published.

Many brands use Instagram as a landing page and, with this update, editing the appearance of their profile page will be much easier than deleting posts and starting fresh. Brands on the platform will be able to pin important posts to the top of the feed or arrange their grid into a shop window for their most important product posts.

The potential new update was leaked by coders examining Instagram’s backend code. So far, Meta has not commented on whether the feature will ever be rolled out.

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Brands are preparing for the metaverse

By his own admission, Mark Zuckerberg has said the metaverse could take several years to make and a soft launch of its first features are at least five years off. However, some brands are already getting ready for a leap into this new world.

US retail giant, Walmart, has filed for several trademarks indicating the company is looking to establish its own NFTs and cryptocurrency, which would allow them to start selling virtual products including electronics, toys, appliances, sporting equipment, apparel, home decor, and more.

Elsewhere, brands are causing a stir within the virtual online world by creating out of this world experiences. Last year, Coca-Cola teamed up with 3D creators at Tafi to host an auction for special-edition virtual ‘loot boxes’ of NFTs, which took in over 1 million dollars. Also last year, Louis Vuitton, marked its second centenary by releasing its own adventure-based game that combined virtual words and collectable NFTs.

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Meta introduces new Privacy Centre

Meta has launched a new Privacy Centre where users can learn more about their approach to privacy on all the company’s apps. Across five modules – Security, Sharing, Collection, Use and Ads – Meta gives users information about privacy across its services.

This update comes at the same time as the French data protection watchdog, CNIL, announcing it has issued Meta a €60m (£50m) fine for breaching French laws on cookie tracking. The new Privacy Centre controls aim to better align with such legal requirements, providing users clearer transparency over data tracking and improved controls.

The new Privacy Centre is currently being made available to some users using Facebook on desktop, with Meta planning a broader rollout in the coming months.

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YouTube launches advanced analytics

YouTube has added a new advanced analytics option to YouTube Studio which enables content creators to visualise the performance of their uploads by the focus topic of each, helping to provide more context to the comparative performance of each clip.

With this update, YouTube creators will be able to view data from up to 100 videos as well as compare various metrics, including views, impressions and average view duration.

This could be a handy addition for brands YouTube analytics and planning. To access the new features, users need to go to “Channel analytics” and then navigate to “Advanced mode”.

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