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Talk Social: 18 September, 2018

Canvas is now Instant Experience


Lots of Facebook news this week. First, the social network has renamed its Canvas ad manager as Instant Experience.

The changes will see a host of new templates available to brands and users, with the Facebook pixel being automatically added for any brand that is already using the pixel on its website, to make tracking even easier.

Facebook is also claiming that content will load up to 15 times faster than on standard mobile sites.

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No more fake photos on Facebook


Facebook is still so stung over the fake news scandal that it is now face-checking photos and videos.

Using machine learning, photos and videos are being analysed, with anything suspicious flagged to Facebook’s team of fact-checkers. This is intended to crack down on photoshopped images that manipulate or fabricate facts, or photos that appear out of context.

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Image recognition stepping up a gear


Linked to this, are improvements in Facebook’s ability to recognise the content of a photo and categorise it according to what is in it.

For example, a search for a black polo shirt will now return images featuring that item, as recognised by Facebook’s intelligent software.

Facebook is keen to refine image detection as a way to deliver search results in tune with the march towards more visual search engines.

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Intent now being tracked in search queries


Google has revealed that it is using machine learning to look for intent within search enquiries.

The search engine has loosened the definition of an exact match to trigger ads, if the intent of the search is deemed to be a match.

This would cover where the keyword is paraphrased or where words imply intent.

This is good news for those running Adwords campaigns is that this change has the potential to deliver more traffic.

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250million users and counting for Pinterest


Pinterest has now smashed through the 250million monthly users barrier, a jump of 50million people on last year.

With this rise in traffic, the number of saved Pins on the site has also jumped to 175 billion, a 75 per cent increase on 2017.

Fastest-growing is the part of the social network that includes items for purchase on retailer sites is the fastest growing part of the platform, up 115 per cent in the last year.

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