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Talk Social: 18 October, 2016

Google to create mobile only search index

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Google has confirmed that it is to create a second search index within months, purely for mobile queries.

This new creation will become Google’s primary index, with the existing, desktop index becoming secondary and updated less frequently.

It is unclear at this stage if the new index will contain only mobile friendly sites, if ‘pure’ mobile content will be recognised by the algorithm or whether sites that remove content and structure from desktop pages to simplify for mobile will be rewarded with increased ranking results.

It is also unclear how the desktop index will be maintained and updated. Although desktop queries are on the slide compared to mobile, they still represent a large chunk of queries.

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Periscope adds a touch of professional polish

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Live stream app Periscope is hoping to get more brands using it with the introduction of a feature to produce more slick, professional broadcasts.

Periscope Producer lets video streamers add graphics, change angles and produce a more complete broadcast than the basic social media app allows.

Already the Football Association, Sky News and Disney have used the feature in their live social media streams.

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Facebook now a TV star

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Facebook is trying to generate more video views and engagement by allowing users to stream clips from their news feed direct to their smart TVs.

By tapping on a TV icon and selecting the device to stream to, users can play videos from their feed – and continue scrolling through their feed while it plays on the big screen.

The feature is compatible with Apple TV, Chromecast, AirPlay devices and Google Cast.

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Snapchat audience older than we think

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Think Snapchat is full of teenagers and not for your brand’s target audience? Think again.

The social media network’s UK boss has revealed that almost half of Snapchat users are parents (43 per cent) and that three quarters of its 10 million users are over 18.

Claire Valoti urged brands to get involved on the network if they are not already and to remember that Snapchat considers itself a ‘camera company’ rather than a messaging app.

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Future billboard is ultimate data collector

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Smart billboards could scan a passer-by’s personal data, overhear their conversations and scan their eyeballs to see where they are looking in order to serve up the ultimate targeted advertising in the near future.

Yahoo has applied for a patent for a billboard that would represent a massive shift in data collection.

It would use sensors, cameras and microphones to fully scan passers-by and alter the content that is served in real time.

This data could then be sold to prospective advertisers to help develop future campaigns.

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