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Talk Social: 17 September, 2019

Instagram is testing new Shopping style ads

Instagram is testing the ability for ecommerce businesses to run existing shopping posts as ads in Ad Manager.

Shopping posts allow brands to tag products within posts and link directly to a website where customers can purchase the product, effectively allowing a brand to turn its Instagram feed into an online storefront. 

The test, which is currently limited to just a few select businesses, would allow advertisers to promote these posts to a targeted audience.

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Google updates its algorithm to prioritise original reporting

Google has tweaked its algorithm to keep original reporting at the top of search results for longer.

Rather than simply prioritising stories from the highest authority domains, search results will now rank news reports which first broke the story higher. Google has said this would give more readers the chance to see the more significant news source.

This could see a negative impact on some larger news outlets that routinely rewrite stories from other sources.

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Facebook rolls out new video tools

Facebook yesterday announced a number of updates for video creators and publishers on its platform.

These included changes to live video broadcasting, Facebook Watch Party and Creator Studio. In addition, there have been new enhancements to tools, expanded feature sets and improved analytics.

One highlight included a rehearsal feature on live broadcasts for influencers who need to test their production setup and interactive features before going live.

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Facebook expands ‘Today In’ local news to 6,000 more towns

After first launching its ‘Today In’ local news in six US cities in January 2018, Facebook has this week announced it is expanding the feature to 6,000 more American towns.

‘Today In’, which is accessible through prompts in the main post feed, highlight the biggest news stories from your local region, as well as local Page posts which are generating discussion, upcoming events, weather updates, etc.

There is no indication from Facebook if there are plans to expand the feature internationally.

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Private Instagram posts are not as private as you might have thought

A security flaw has been revealed on Instagram that allows people who don’t follow a user to see their posts – even if they have set their profile to private.

The flaw, which was first reported by Buzzfeed News, only requires a simple understanding of HTML and a browser. By pulling the source URL for an image, a private post can be shared with people not following the account and even not logged into the network.

This technique is reported to also work for Stories and posts which have been recently deleted.

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