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Talk Social: 17 June, 2015

Facebook starts monitoring dwell time


Facebook is tweaking its algorithms to monitor the amount of time users spend looking at things in their feed, regardless of whether or not they like or share.

The moment a user pauses while scrolling through their news feed, Facebook will activate a clock behind the scenes to see how long the dwell time is on that particular piece of content.

This is to serve up ever more relevant content to users at the top of their feeds, while relegating things that aren’t so engaging to that person.

Accurately measuring passive behaviour such as stopping and reading however, will be a test and it remains to be seen if this will be as accurate a measurement tool as the more active liking and sharing.

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Twitter removes character limit from DM


In an attempt to take on chat apps such as WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger, twitter has dropped the 140 character limit from direct messages.

Now two users who follow each other will be able to chat free from the limit set on each normal tweet on the platform.

This also opens up opportunities for deeper engagement by brands on twitter, who lost chief exec Dick Costolo last week, as messages or offers to consumers do not have to be as brief as previously.

However, brands will need to wary not to use the new medium to spam users as already social networks are buzzing with fears that they are going to be hit with waves of junk corporate promotion.

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Two thirds of customer service enquiries on twitter going unanswered

twitter bird

A new study into how brands are responding to customer enquiries on social media has revealed that users should go to Facebook if they want an answer.

The study, carried out by Socialbakers, discovered less than one third of tweets to brands were replied to. The number of Facebook responses was a much healthier three quarters.

The study sifted through 6.5million tweets and 1.4million FB posts sent in the first quarter of this year.

Although the numbers posting queries on Facebook was smaller, the waterfall nature of twitter means posts are being missed.

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Brits still cynical about social


Staying with surveys, British workers see social media as too full of useless content to be worth bothering with, according to a new study.

Education tech company Scredibble found that 47 per cent believe there is too much useless content on social media, 26 per cent thought there was too much spam and 29 per cent claimed not to have enough time to post during the working day.

On top of this 19 per cent expressed concern at how their employers might judge what they chose to share.

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Ice cream promo means Tesco has iBeacons licked

Tesco is carrying out the largest iBeacon activity in the UK with a promotion in 270 stores for Magnum.
The tech works by triggering exclusive offers and discount coupons to consumers who have downloaded the Mpulse app when they pass a participating store.
The iBeacons will be in Tesco Express stores exclusively and will offer money off Magnum’s new Black and Pink varieties.
Push notifications will guide passers-by to special deals from now until the end of the month and the app can be downloaded from Google PlayStore and App Store.
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