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Talk Social: 17 July, 2017

Snapchat looks to e-commerce


Snapchat is believed to be developing a social e-commerce option in partnership with Amazon that will allow users to point at an object and then buy it.

The process of point, scan and buy is similar to the Lens tool on Pinterest, which takes users to items within the app itself.

The development here is that users would be directed straight to similar items on Amazon. This already works on Snapchat with music able to be identified via Shazam and taken straight to purchase on Apple Music. The ecommerce development is still in progress and not ready to launch yet.

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Snapchat users create more than 100,000 lenses


More than 100,000 Snapchat users have created their own lenses on the social app, since the technology opened up to allow creators to make their own augmented reality features.

Snapchat wants to encourage even more widespread use of the tech, with the launch of Lens Explorer which allows users to explore those lenses already created by the Snapchat community.

The potential of lenses is huge, with more than 70million people using them daily.

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Augmented reality coming to Facebook ads


Staying with AR, Facebook is rolling out its technology for advertisers.

Facebook is promoting this to brands with the example of a sunglasses retailer using AR, allowing a potential customer to use their phone camera to see what different sunglasses would look like on.

Bringing the in-store experience to the virtual world will be a huge leap forward for the possibilities of ecommerce and heap further pressure on the high street, where bricks and mortar stores continue to close at a rapid rate.

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Groups getting together on Pinterest


Pinterest is encouraging collaboration and sharing with the launch of new group boards.

These are designed to be created around events and functions, and allow for discussion, creation and input from all members.

Brands who already have an engaged Pinterest audience might seek to use these to make ‘exclusive’ areas where previews of new products can take place before they are launched fully.

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Video docking feature has potential to increase twitter engagement


Twitter is encouraging more viewing of videos by allowing users to keep scrolling their feed while a video plays.

The function of ‘docking’ a video on the screen while the main feed remains unaffected is already familiar on Facebook and YouTube.

This has the potential to increase engagement as well as viewing time on video content as users can scroll through real time comment on a clip while watching it.

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