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Talk Social: 17 April, 2018

Messenger now has a full 360


Facebook Messenger is now letting users take and post 360 images.

Wraparound 360 images are an increasingly popular option with more than 70 million already uploaded to the social network’s main platform.

Extending this to Messenger is not only adding another tool to help user engagement, but is also a further immersive step along the way to Facebook achieving a virtual reality experience for users.

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Instagram Stories adds a question sticker


Brands making use of Instagram Stories will be interested in the latest feature, which allows a question to be posed in a sticker.

Adding to the range of options, which already includes the ability to poll your audience with a Yes/no question, this has the potential to increase engagement on posts.

Using the new question option will allow those who view the story to reply, with all replies being private to the account in question.

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Pinterest targets small businesses


Small and local businesses are being lured on to Pinterest with the ramping up of the social platform’s Propel offering.

First launched last year, Propel offers small businesses self-serve, highly targeted advertising options with realistic budgets on Pinterest.

Pinterest says that the number of small businesses advertising on the platform has increased by more than 50 per cent year on year. And to boost the numbers further, Pinterest has recruited Matt Hogle as global head of small business from Facebook.

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Snap and swipe to buy


Snapchat is trialling a new e-commerce function in its Discover section to let users buy products direct from the app.

Swiping up on a piece of branded content takes users of the social platform to an in-app store where they can make purchases.

Currently in a trial phase, it is unclear at present what cut of the revenue from the Discover store Snapchat intends to take.

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Google tests search results as carousel of answers


A new feature is appearing on some Google search results, with the answers to questions appearing as a carousel showing the top results from question and answer site Quora.

The carousel is the default ‘top’ answer and shows short snippets of explanations, inviting users to click for more.

This throws up several possibilities for other brands to utilise the space if Google decides to make it a permanent feature.

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