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Talk Social: 16 January, 2018

Facebook shifts the goalposts again – here’s what brands need to know


Facebook’s changes to its social news feed algorithm have made headlines worldwide – but what will it mean for brands?

The decision to promote more ‘meaningful’ content from friends and family and less from brands and publishers will impact the social content – paid and organic – that all brands post.

For those who already ‘pay to play’ on the social network, it is likely that it will cost more for your brand’s content to be seen by the right people.

The importance of a page’s community sharing the content that is posted is now greater than ever. So investing in high quality and engaging and educational content will be key.

It is only by fans being active, in their comments and shares, that Facebook marketing can be successful going forwards in generating awareness, trust, consideration and conversions for brands.

This also means listening to customers – the good and the bad – to shape the kind of content that is most relevant and delivered at the right times.

The update in the Facebook algorithm is an opportunity for us all to review and assess current strategies and plans across social media channels and platforms.

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FB smart speaker to take on Alexa and OK Google


Staying with Facebook, the social giant is reported to be getting ready to launch a voice-activated, video calling home device that keeps people on the platform at all times.

The new device is to be called Portal, and will compete with existing home speaker-type devices already gaining momentum, such as Amazon Echo and Google Home.

Where Portal will differ is that it is reported to include a large touchscreen, a wide-angle camera, microphones, speakers and will be capable of recognising faces.

It will also be able to access outside streaming services like Spotify and Netflix and stream them into home entertainment equipment.

For brands, the development of these devices is important to monitor. As consumer adoption grows, so too will new discovery behaviours, which will be vital in understanding how to best reach users and align with new habits.

Expect to see Portal launch by May this year.

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Shopping shifts to mobile on major calendar days


Facebook’s colossal amount of data sets have thrown up fresh stats on the use of mobile by shoppers on major designated ‘shopping days’.

Online conversation rises significantly on Singles’ Day, Black Friday, Small Business Saturday and Cyber Monday.

These shoppers are choosing mobile over desktop because of convenience, with the increased capacity to purchase anytime and anywhere due to more affordable data plans and greater access to wifi.

As interest shifts, so too do ad budgets with Facebook noting that in 2017, mobile ad spend made up 62.5 per cent of digital ad spend and nearly a quarter of total ad spend.

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Snapchat usage figures revealed


Snapchat might be the key platform to reach younger users but Snap Inc. itself rarely provides detailed figures on exactly how many people are using each of its elements.

There are overall figures – 178 million daily active users per day – however data obtained by The Daily Beast has revealed that these users are almost exclusively using it for private messaging, rather than visiting the Discover section where publishers and brands live.

The data also showed that the amount of Stories being posted has remained fairly static at less than 60 million users, on average, posting daily. Meanwhile, an average of 20 per cent of Snapchat users consumed content from a Discover Edition daily.

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