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Talk Social: 16 August, 2017

YouTube gets chatty with in-app messaging feature 


This week, both Android and iOS YouTube apps got a major new feature added, a built-in messaging tool. This allows users to add their friends and family by sending an invite to them through a link on the video, to their YouTube contact account – meaning no more copy and paste to share videos.

The app supports groups of up to 30 people within a chat and is now available around the globe.

Opinions on the new features are currently divided, with many thinking this is a pointless feature trying to take away some of the messaging audience that use Facebook, Instagram and Whatsapp. Will you be using YouTube Chat?

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Google removes URLs from mobile search


It’s widely reported that Google is planning remove URLs within search on mobile devices. Last week, it was reported by TNW that on Android a member of staff noticed that URLs within search only display the title of a page, a thumbnail of a featured image from the site, and a blurb.

If this is a gradual roll out of a new way to display sites within Google, it will make it difficult to figure out which site you are being directed to in search, prior to clicking on the link. How will this effect our behaviour on mobile search apart from displaying a much cleaner search in google? We’ll have to wait and see if this is going to be implemented across mobile or just testing to see how well it performs.

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Facebook pushing for more video content with ‘Watch’

Facebook Watch


As we’ve seen online media consumption grow over the few last years with the popularity of YouTube, Netflix etc, Facebook are now looking to host original shows on their social media platform by the introduction of a new tab called ‘Watch’.

The “Watch” tab and a few original shows will start rolling out to a small group of U.S. users this month across mobile, desktop and Facebook’s TV apps.

By hosting original programming and exclusive shows, Facebook could be looking to boost ad revenue even further and give people a reason to frequently return to the news feed for content they can’t get anywhere else.

Our fingers are crossed that this will give us the availability to add this advertising format to our targeting options when setting up future campaigns.

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Snap up some fashion with ASOS 

Visual search is fast becoming the go to feature across shopping apps and ASOS is the latest online retailer to welcome the feature.

The new update to their app lets users upload their photo of a garment or fashion accessory from a magazine or social media; the tool will then search through the catalogue of 85,000 products before displaying the 100 most relevant. In theory, if the product isn’t in stock the app will be able to show the customer the most similar products and allow them to compare prices.

A number of other major high street players are experimenting with visual search including John Lewis and the shopping centre operator Hammerson.

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Instagram unveil new live video feature

Instagram Live Video

The latest update to Instagram comes with a new special feature added to it’s live video function. When broadcasting a video to their followers, users will be able to invite another one of their friends to join in. The screen is then split in two allowing people to see both people talk in real time.

The new function could prove useful for high ranking influencers as they can use it to connect with fellow social celebrities and reach larger audiences.

Initially, only a small number of people will get the chance to experience the live video friend function but it’s expected to be rolled out to everyone in the coming months.

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