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Talk Social: 16 April, 2019

‘Don’t shoot the messenger’ – Facebook’s plans for Messenger app

Ahead of the planned integration of Facebook’s messaging services, rumours are swirling that Facebook might be returning Messenger back into its main social media app.

Software engineer Jane Manchun Wong discovered the reshuffle as she was testing a new beta version of a Facebook app update. Wong discovered the Messenger logo at the top of the main Facebook app which linked to a “Chats” section within the platform.

The Messenger app was originally built into the main Facebook app, but users were forced to download a separate app on mobile devices to use the messenger service in 2014.

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Off limits – Twitter adjusts daily follower allowance

Twitter is making a major reduction in the number of accounts that users can follow every day.

The previous limit was 1,000 new accounts per day but, as this feature has been abused by spammers and bots, Twitter has changed the total count to 400 users per day.

“Follow, unfollow, follow, unfollow. Who does that? Spammers. So we’re changing the number of accounts you can follow each day from 1,000 to 400. Don’t worry, you’ll be just fine,” said the official Twitter Safety account in a tweet.

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History repeating? Facebook delays ‘clear history’ tool again

Facebook announced last year it was working on a “Clear History” tool that would enable users to delete their account history, including all the data collected about them through third party apps and onsite pixels.

Initially, the tool was expected to arrive last year. It was then pushed back to the Spring of 2019 and has now been delayed yet again.

Facebook’s VP of Integrity Guy Rosen said that the “Clear History” tool is being pushed to Autumn of this year to ensure it is done the right way. “We’re working to reengineer our systems, and how we process that data so that we can do it right,” said Rosen. “That’s why it’s taking more time than anticipated.”

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Google+ is dead. Long live Currents

Google seems reluctant to give up on the Google+ social network entirely.

The now-defunct social media platform Google+ has unexpectedly been resurrected as Google Currents – an enterprise application to rival the likes of Slack and Facebook Workplace.

After a series of public data breaches and low user uptake, Google announced it was closing the platform and deleting all accounts. The official last day of the platform was 2nd April. The news of this like-for-like replacement came just 10 days later.

However, Currents is only available in beta as it stands and you will need to have a G Suite account with administrator privileges in order to access it.

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Thumbs up for LinkedIn?

LinkedIn has started to roll out its own version of reactions for posts.

The new emojis, which are already appearing in users’ feeds, include applauding hands, a heart, a light bulb and a curious face. 🤔

The new feature, which very closely resembles the emoji like responses available on Facebook, will allow users a quick way to express something more than just a like on a post.

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