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Talk Social: 15th October, 2019

Facebook’s crypto-currency project takes a blow

Facebook’s effort to create a cryptocurrency was dealt a further blow on Friday after several key partners, including Mastercard, Visa, eBay and PapPal all abandoned the project.

The defections followed fierce criticism from a G7 report, and have prompted some industry-watchers to question whether the Libra program will continue.

However, after a meeting with the remaining 21 backers in Geneva yesterday, Facebook has insisted it’s full steam ahead.

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Instagram update to stop social snoopers

While most of the attention around the new Instagram update was for the new dark mode, the social media service has also quietly removed one of its controversial features.

Instagram’s following tab, which displayed what posts your friends are liking or commenting on and the accounts they follow, has been removed from the platform.

According to Instagram, the tab was removed for the sake of simplicity and to cut down a feature which most users didn’t use or know existed.

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Facebook settles lawsuit about video metrics

Facebook has had to pay a group of advertising agencies $40M under a proposed settlement over a video metrics suit.

According to court papers, Facebook was responsible for miscalculating certain metrics displayed in its adverts manager. In particular figures for the average time spent watching a video was inflated in some cases by up to 900%.

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Fortnite goes dark

Massive multiplayer online game Fortnite has been building excitement for the release of its Chapter 2.

Last Sunday players in the game witnessed an asteroid strike, leaving behind a swirling black hole in its place. Millions of players have logged in to watch this black hole which has been occasionally spewing out numbers.

The events mark the end of Fornite’s first season and presumably the start of season 2.

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Twitter admits to misusing data for advertising purposes

Twitter has admitted it “inadvertently” misused personal data meant for security purposes to target people with ads.

In a statement, the company said some email addresses and phone numbers provided for security reasons, such as two-factor identification, were used for advertising purposes.

Twitter has not said now this error occurred but apologised, saying, “this was an error and we apologize”.

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