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Talk Social: 15th June, 2021 – Facebook publish report on the key factors influencing online purchases

Facebook publish report on the key factors influencing online purchases

Facebook has published a new report on how the evolution of digital media has altered the modern shopping experience and how this will affect the marketer’s future plans.

It notes how the rising adoption of new formats has led to new opportunities for brands including  live-stream shopping, where discussed products can be purchased in a few clicks. The report also looks at other key benefits of online shopping, such as comparing prices and getting the best deals.

The full report includes a range of additional insights into how consumer behaviour is transitioning, increasing the importance of online branding and selling processes.

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YouTube launches Shorts in the UK

YouTube Shorts, Google’s TikTok rival for building 60-second videos, is now rolling out  in three more regions — Canada, Latin America and the UK.

Alongside the launch, YouTube has also announced several new features for Shorts including the ability to add text, captions and graphic overlays to videos.

Officially, Shorts is still in beta, so we can expect YouTube to continue adding new features in the coming months as more users take to the feature.

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Facebook launches sponsored chat themes

Could chat themes become a new sponsorship option for brands on social media? Facebook has announced a new promotion for the latest film in the ‘Fast and Furious’ franchise, which includes branded Facebook Messenger backgrounds and effects. 

Shortly after this first sponsored chat theme was announced, several more were unveiled including a theme for Olivia Rodrigo’s album launch and also ‘World Oceans Day’.

Although Facebook has not made sponsored chat themes an official ad offering, this could become a new opportunity for the company in the near future.

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TikTok launches new campaign to battle online bullying

TikTok has launched a new campaign called #CreateKindness which will combat online bullying and help create a more positive atmosphere on its platform.

A third of TikTok users are reportedly under the age of 14, showing why the campaign is highly important. The campaign will feature a series of animated videos from famous TikTok creators sharing their real and personal experiences with viewers.

Alongside its improved moderation processes and age verification checks, it’s encouraging to see TikTok address the concerns with its platform. Hopefully this campaign can play a small part in fostering a more inclusive space.

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Instagram provides new insight into how algorithms work

As a part of Instagram’s Creator Week event, the company provided new insight into how its algorithm works. 

Instagram stated that its processes are not defined by a single algorithm. Instead multiple algorithms, classifiers and processes play a part in determining where a post appears in a user’s feed. Instagram notes there are thousands of factors that can play a part including how popular a post is, the recipient user’s activity history and information on the user who posted it.

Brands hoping to find a magic formula to appear at the top of their followers’ feed might be a little disappointed by the insight, however there are some key takeaways companies can take from this. One being to always incentivise action – the more you can encourage an interaction the greater your priority will be for each user.

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