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Talk Social: 15 May, 2018

New feature slides into Instagram Stories


No one viewing Instagram Stories can have failed to notice its latest and immediately popular new feature – the emoji slider.

Launched just last week, the feature allows users to ask a question to their community where the answer goes beyond a yes or no. The slider – which can be any one of a multitude of emojis – can be stopped at any point and has the potential to give brands better insight into those who engage with them on social.

Each response is fed back to the user, with an average score also calculated from responses.

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Live news links to show the real-time power of twitter


To get more users engaging with content, twitter is starting to show popular links grouped together as well as displaying more links from a user’s most engaged contacts.

This will apply to news articles and reinforce twitter as the place to come for news, breaking and otherwise.

The look will be similar to that on Facebook, when more than one friend shares a link.

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AI powering Google News


Google News is using artificial intelligence to provide an improved service by grouping related articles together.

The feature will work in real time and analyse key words and themes to present related articles together, improving navigation.

A top five of selected stories based on browsing history will also be available in the new version of the Google News app.

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Social scorer Klout to close this month 


Social media influence platform Klout is closing in two weeks.

Once highly sought after, the evolution of social measurement has meant that a big Klout score has ceased to be the goal it once was.

Now the site will close on May 25 and influencers still referencing Klout (are there many?) will need to find new ways to show their strength.

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Voice search and purchase comes to the movies


Google’s assistant is adding more upgrades to its abilities almost daily at the moment. The rapid advance in the skills and capabilities of the AI has most recently centred on that popular event, the cinema trip.

Using Google Assistant on a smartphone, users can now discover what is playing near them and proceed to purchase tickets for a show without leaving the app.

Once discovery and purchase becomes more commonplace through voice search and command, the possibilities for brands will open up rapidly.

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