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Talk Social: 13 April, 2021 – TikTok provides insights into how older users are engaging on the platform

TikTok provides insights into how older users are engaging on the platform

While TikTok is known for its young demographic, new insights published by the social media company show that more adults are now joining the platform.

According to TikTok, they have a growing audience of adults and how they engage on the platform is different from their younger counterparts. Common topics they post about include parenting, home appliances, snack products, business, cars and grocery products.

The numbers show TikTok is still primarily the domain of younger users, but as older audiences join the platform, new opportunities for brands will open, making TikTok an important platform moving forward.

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Twitter said to have had talks with Clubhouse on a potential acquisition deal

It has been revealed that Twitter held talks with Clubhouse around a potential acquisition of the live drop-in audio networking platform, with a deal value somewhere around £3 billion.

It is now believed that the talks collapsed after several months. In the last few days, Clubhouse began attempting to raise a similar amount in funding.

Twitter will soon begin rolling out its own ‘clone’ service called Spaces, while Clubhouse just launched Clubhouse Payments, which lets users send direct payments to other creators on the platform.

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Reddit is the latest platform rumoured to be working on a Clubhouse clone

According to a source from within the company, Reddit is in the early stages of developing a  Clubhouse-esque feature that would enable moderator-run voice chats.

The explosion of Clubhouse’s popularity has spawned a series of lookalike features from its competitors, including Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Discord, Spotify and LinkedIn. All of which are still in development but expected to begin rolling out this year.

Reddit’s version would be set apart from these by the existing structure of its platform. Reddit is divided into subject-specific groups, or ‘subreddits’, where users with a defined shared interest communicate and share content. This could lend itself well to curated live chats.

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Pinterest announces ‘Creator Code’ content policy

Pinterest has announced it will soon implement a mandatory code of conduct, called the Creator Code, aimed at maintaining a positive experience for all users.

Pinterest users will be required to agree to several statements that include “I will be kind,” “Check my facts,” “Be aware of triggers,” “Practice inclusion” and “Do no harm.”

The code will be enforced the same way Pinterest today applies its rules for its other content policies: a combination of machine learning and human review. 

The Creator Code is not yet live but will roll out to creators to sign and adopt in the next few weeks.

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Facebook tests updated up and downvoting for comments in groups

Facebook has returned to its test of Reddit-style up and downvotes on user comments.

The test, which is still in the beta stage, now includes ‘up’ and ‘down’ buttons on post comments that allow users to indicate how valuable they found the remark and help determine how high it appears under a post.

To many, this seems like a logical addition to group pages. However, some have raised concerns that downvoting unpopular opinions risk reinforcing existing bubbles and preventing healthy debate.

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