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Talk Social: 12 May, 2015

The missing links for Facebook


Facebook plans to remove the need for users to have to Google anything while they are using the social network.

A new ‘add a link’ button is being trialled which will respond to keywords and offer suggested links from within the application.

Results will be sorted by what users are most likely to share, highlighting the most popular links that have been posted recently.

Facebook already delivers almost a quarter of all social clicks and believes this will get users sharing even more content. It also means Facebook will know more about our tastes in news content and will be able to charge more for ads that are placed next to the most popular links.

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LinkedIn gets analytics tool


Users of LinkedIn are familiar with seeing the prompt ‘who has viewed your profile?’ – now they can use its new analytics service to see who has viewed their posts.

A few months after the business-based network ramped up its publishing service with the self-publishing tool, it is now offering analytics too.

Now users can see who has viewed, liked and shared posts, with demographic segmentation covering industries, locations and job titles.

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Update to remove WordPress risk


All users of WordPress sites are being urged to perform a system update after a security flaw was revealed.

The glitch, which could potentially affect millions of websites, stems from a bad file within Genericons, which is pre-loaded into many WordPress sites, including the TwentyFifteen theme and the JetPack plug-in.

This has left many sites open to allowing hackers to gain control of their website. WordPress has acted swiftly to release a patch that removes the files in question.

Users can get the update from the updates menu in their main dashboard.

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Snapchat all about sharing


Snapchat’s evolution into much more than it started out as is continuing with a new feature letting users share news.

The channel’s Discover feature, which has regular contributions from the likes of the Daily Mail, CNN, Sky Sports and Cosmopolitan, now allows users to share the content they like.

Each news snippet now comes with an in-app link back to the original story, which Snapchat hopes will boost use of the Discover section, which has faltered after a high-profile launch. CNN’s content is said to reach 1 million users a day, a drop in the ocean of Snapchat’s 100 million users.

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Eat my password


You’ll never forget your password again if PayPal’s latest research comes to fruition – edible devices that live in our stomachs.

PayPal is working on a new generation of wafer-thin microchips that could be swallowed and powered by stomach acid. They would emit a signal that would act as verification and identification.

Other possible devices being explored include brain implants and chips embedded into the skin. Seems a lot of trouble to go to just to save you remembering 12345 or QWERTY…

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