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Talk Social: 12 June, 2018

Quicker social sharing of Instagram Stories now possible


Brands posting Instagram Stories will now be able to interact quicker with consumers on social thanks to a new Insta feature.

Anyone mentioned in a Stories post will now be able to add that to their own story – meaning users can appear in brand Stories if the brand selects them.

The feature is designed to encourage more sharing among users, with Stories being the fastest-growing way to post on social at present.

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3D posts are latest innovation coming to Facebook


Facebook is introducing 3D posts, adding an extra layer of depth to the content that brands and users can create.

The new posts will respond when a user scrolls past or angles their phone.

There is no extra software or effort needed from FB users to create the social images. Instead, Facebook uses the dual camera set-up of most modern smartphones to create the images.

Now it will be intriguing to see how brands begin to use these to interact with their audiences.

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Google My Business to offer product and promo options


Businesses are now able to highlight products and promotions via new posting options on Google My Business.

These are then displayed in local search and maps results.

Any business with a Google My Business listing will be able to create these posts, together with events and ‘what’s new’.

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Snapchat’s teen audience say small is best on social


Snapchat has released new stats on the behaviours of its primary audience, the elusive Generation Z.

More than eight in 10 (85 per cent) would rather have a small group of close friends than a large group of acquaintances, while social media (19 per cent), video streaming (18 per cent and music (19 per cent) are how they like to spend their leisure time.

Two thirds are also keen to see real portrayals of their lives and lifestyles on apps and websites, rather than an ideal version portrayed by some brands.

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New fun video messenger Panda launches


New social app Panda has launched with a series of augmented reality features that mainstream messaging services are sure to want.

Panda is a video messenger that listens for certain key trigger words to display emojis, stickers and more on screen.

For instance, if someone asks ‘want to get pizza?’ a slice of pizza appears next to your mouth.

There are 200 emojis and stickers for launch, with more to follow.

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