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Talk Social: 12 January, 2021 – Snapchat broadens its eCommerce push with new Bitmoji fashion options

Snapchat introduces expanded Bitmoji fashion options to attract more advertisers

Snapchat’s looking to broaden its eCommerce push by providing a range of new clothing options for users’ Bitmoji characters, which will allow users to clothe their Bitmoji avatars in the latest fashion items from a range of retailers.

This update would expand on Snap’s initial steps into Bitmoji fashion, which has already seen it partner with Jordan, Ralph Lauren and Levi. This new feature would make it easier for more fashion brands to advertise on the platform and showcase their product within the app.

This could be a huge opportunity for brands as AR becomes a bigger focus throughout the year.

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Facebook shares new insights into UK mobile gaming trends

With people seeking new forms of entertainment during the pandemic, mobile gaming saw massive growth in 2020. These days, especially if you’re trying to reach younger audiences, and you’re not in touch with gaming culture, you’re likely missing out on opportunities.

Underlining this, Facebook has published an update into its gaming audience that shows the UK mobile gaming audience has grown by 50 per cent to 17.2 million users since March last year. 

It is generally accepted that adverts are part of the mobile gaming experience which presents a great opportunity for promotional activities and tap into this audience.

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Facebook rolls out new page layout which de-emphasise likes

Facebook has introduced a new Page layout for creators and public figures, which provide users with more management options and engagement insights, while also placing increased emphasis on following a Page instead of liking it.

In the new design, the ‘Like’ button has been entirely removed from the main page, while the ‘Follow’ button has been made more prominent, along with a follower count.

By emphasising ‘Followers’ over ‘Page Likes’, Facebook can also provide a more accurate snapshot of each page’s relevance on the platform, based on their actual, dedicated audience.

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TikTok launches first of its new generation AR effect for the iPhone 12

It’s not too late to celebrate the new year AR-style, as TikTok this week launched its first LiDAR-powered effect available for iPhone 12 users.

Made with the latest generation of augmented reality technology, the effect features a golden ball counting down from 5, before bursting and filling the environment with confetti and shiny ‘2021’ balloons. 

The new effect is one of the first to use LiDAR, which has been built into the new iPhone 12 Pro, but will eventually become more widely available over time.

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Instagram shares a glimpse into how its algorithm works

Instagram has privately advised some creators on how often to post, offering a rare glimpse into how its mysterious algorithm works.

The select influencers said they were glad to get specific tips from Instagram, which could benefit their social media presence, but said the recommended posting volume was unrealistically high.

The advice also showed how much Instagram is putting behind it’s TikTok clone feature Reels, showing how creators could gain wider exposure through the feature.

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